The LG TV Mount Screw Size – And Know More

All TV brands are very individualistic and unique when it comes to the hardware that they use in their electronics. This means every TV set belonging to different brands has different screws, mounting equipment, and many more such things. In this article, we will clarify the various screws used for the wall mounting of LG TV. We will also discuss the compatibility of various wall mounts with LG TVs. Let us know more about LG Tv Mount Screw Size.

LG Tv Mount Screw Size

When it comes to mounting the TV, the mount holes hold the TV mount screws; also, they mount the wall they mount in its place. Now, because each TV mount is designed for an individual TV set, the size of the screw on the wall bracket of a wall mount is always different.

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What type of screws should be used for the LG TV Wall mount?

The answer is, that two types of screws can be used for this purpose:

  • Conventional or Regular screws.
  • Wall studs.

The above-mentioned screws can both be used on drywall, as well as a concrete wall, but the number of screws needed depends on the nature of the wall.

Difference Between Wall Mount And Tv Mount Screws:-

The screws on the TV mount and Wall mount are different from each other. When it comes to LG TVs, the mount size is based on the VESA size. The M6 is the most common screw size that is being produced by LG, according to their Mounting Interface Standard.

Can M6 screws be used to mount every LG TV?

Well, for every LG TV that is under 40” screen size, M6 size can be used; rather it is recommended that M6 size screws should be used for every LG TV under 40”. But, to wall mount an LG TV that is 40” screen size or bigger, a larger larger-size dave is to be used.

To give a basic knowledge of the sizes:-

  • M4 size of screws is to be used for screen sizes that are less than 19 inches, 19-20 inches and 23-24 inches.
  • M6 size screws are to be used for screen sizes that are 30-40 inches.
  • M8 size screws are to be used for screen sizes that are 40-80 inches.

M6 is the standard screw size, and even though it is best suited with only a 30-40” LG TV, one can still use it for the LG TVs with smaller screens. Other screws are pretty much custom-made and fit well for only their respective category TV, based on the size of the TV screen.

Why are M6 screws the standard size screws, compatible with almost any LG TV?


These are the most common screw sizes used in a kit that is used in mounting a TV. This is because they are big enough to tightly uphold the TC plate.

Also, lengthwise these screws are just appropriate, as they don’t pierce the screen even when they are completely screwed in the mounting hole.

M6 screws are different from M8 screws in two big ways, and that is the size of the hole they’re mounted in and their length. M8 screws are slightly bigger in er than their normal M6 screw.

Now, as the reader has a thorough idea about the different sizes of screws available to me, how does one choose which screw or screws are required by them to mount their specific Tv?

There are multiple ways to check which type of screw is required by you for TV mounting:-

  • The User manual will provide you with all the necessary information about how to mount the TV, including the size of the screw required by you to mount the TV.
  • Compare the screen size of the TV with the screw size mentioned.
  • Use VESA Measurements. Compare the VESA Measurement of the TV with screw sizes.
  • Buy an LG TV screw kit that is available for purchase at any LG store. This screw kit is provided according to the specifics of the TV, so the screw provided will fit perfectly.
  • You can use a pencil or pen and check for yourself the size of the screw required. Check how far the pen or the pencil goes inside the hole, but try not to use the pointed side of the pen or pencil for this purpose.

From the above information, it can be drawn that if one has a standard screw size of LG TV then M6 screws can be, and rather should be used to mount that TV. There is no one way to determine the exact screw size required for wall-mounting LG TVs, but many. The most accurate is selecting the screw size based on the screen size of the TV.

Too big a screw might break the TV palate and might damage the wall, and too small just wouldn’t hold up the TV at all, or for too long. The user manual and LG TV screw kit can also provide the necessary information as well as the tools and even the appropriate screw itself, based on the specific model of the TV.

Refer to the available options to select the perfect screw size to wall mount your LG TV.

The LG TV Mount Screw Size – And Know More

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