Xfinity TV Black Screen with Sound: Quick Solution In Second

Xfinity TV screen with sound is a typical issue that occasionally happens with TVs. when you are watching T.V and suddenly the screen disappears you feels angry and wants to hit the T.V. But don’t do that. This is mostly happen due to overheating of your T.V and also for warning signs. I will give you some useful and simple steps to recover this problem in just seconds with sound. The issue for the most part occurs in time frames seconds for the following couple of minutes while beginning the TV. Let us know more about Xfinity TV Black Screen with Sound: Quick Solution In Second.

Xfinity TV Black Screen with Sound: Quick Solution In Second

Tips solving Xfinity TV black screen with sound:

Power Saver Settings:

First of all check the wires because signals are conveyed to your home    utilizing coaxial wires. Ensure the links are safely connected and embedded into the right openings.

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Your TV’s AV quality might endure as fallout of turning and pivoting it unnecessarily, which will truly hurt the transmission of the signs. Sometimes these wires are damaged and disappears the screen.

HD Issues:

  Assuming that you face this transitory power outage while watching HD stations, the issue might be with your HDMI link or port. Hence the main things you ought to consider is checking the space and have a go at changing the openings; for example, if you’re utilizing HDMI space 1, take a stab at changing to space 2. Or something bad might happen, take a stab at changing it to a lower goal in the settings.

At the point when you need to change opening 2 to a lower goal in the settings, you need to follow moves toward find success. The following are the moves toward follow:

I. Involving the remote for the Xfinity TVs, press the leave button multiple times and afterward 720 right away.  

ii. Use remote and press the button and scroll down to settings. Here are the options where you can change video resolution.

     On the off chance that this doesn’t work, perhaps you should      change out your old HDMI link for another one. 

Active Subscription:

You’ll require something beyond a Comcast link set-top recipient box to watch your favorite programs and ball games. You should, nonetheless, be a paying supporter of these administrations to get to them.

Your #1 channel and certain additional administrations might be inaccessible since you haven’t paid for the enrollment or terminated.

If you pick a channel or administration that you have not paid for, you might see a shut down screen.

Hardware Fault:

Quite possibly your PC’s equipment is faulty. Guarantee that your equipment, TV, and set-top box are working appropriately by standard tests.

Ensure that Comcast is giving ideal updates to your set-top box. You may likewise take a stab at cleaning the gadget off and beginning once more.

Approach Clients care cell:

On the off chance that none of these strategies work for you, you will likely need to contact client care. Express your case plainly, and that you really want a

Specialist shipped off your home to determine something very similar. Check the Xfinity official site for contact subtleties and working hours.


The XRE-03121 Xfinity Error might be available if the dark screen is joined by a mistake message. In the event that your Xfinity sound isn’t working, have a go at pushing Mute on the remote to check whether the sound will get through the TV. The DVD or VCR in your home ought to continuously be switched off while not being used.

Second, look at if the backdrop illumination hasn’t been copied on your LCD TV in the event that you’re having this dark screen issue. Supplant it right away assuming it has. Prior to picking the decision about whether to supplant a HDMI link, follow these three stages:

Over and again press the Menu button to get to the application’s settings. From that point forward, go to the Audio Setup segment of the Menu. On the off chance that the HDMI sound is switched off, betray by going to the HDMI sound choice and turning it on.

Mostly asked questions:
  1. How would I set the T.V picture on the screen?

 Press the start button on your remote and go to setting. Scroll down the bar and here you get the video setting screen.

  1. Why some channels are not working on my xfinity T.V?

 You’ll require something beyond a Comcast link set-top recipient box to watch your favorite programs and need a subscription package.

  1. How do I repair my Xfinity sound?

Go to the Main Menu, and select the setting, then chose the audio setting. Now you can fix the stereo volume according to your will.  Navigate to the Main Menu, choose Setup, then Audio. Yes, you may have to repeat this method a few times to get the desired results.

Xfinity TV Black Screen with Sound: Quick Solution In Second

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