Brands Celebrating Pride Month 2022

In the United States, LGBT Pride Month is held to remember the Stonewall Riots, which took place at the end of June 1969. Though today in 2022 LGBT+ community is recognized all over the globe, and June is celebrated as Pride Month with enthusiasm, be it in any corner of the world by individuals and businesses alike. Many brands give back for Pride Month; here we will talk about a few. Here we will see about Brands Celebrating Pride Month 2022

Businesses today are accepting the LGBT+ community with an open heart and these are 8 of the many brands that give back for Pride Month. These are, VENVS, Black Baccara, Sanuk, Alexander Daas, Bath & Body Works, Swoveralls, and Converse.

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Starbucks Rewards Hacks – Know More
Brands Celebrating Pride Month 2022

Brands That Are Giving Back 

As Pride Month recently came to an end, multiple brands were noticed celebrating for Pride Month 2022. 8 of them are discussed below:

  1. Converse– “Found Family” was celebrated on the occasion of Convers’s 7th annual celebration of Pride Month. ‘Found Family’ refers to the people who came across on the journey of Pride, the ones who wrap us with acceptance, love, and support. This campaign ran internationally throughout Pride season and contained a bright collection of images, original art, films, etc. from 50+ creators from around the globe to honor the multifaceted LGBT+ community.

The Found Family promotion coincides with Converse’s eagerly awaited annual Pride collection. The apparel and footwear collection offers customizable designs through Converse By You along with more heroic styles that were released throughout June. 

  1. Swoveralls – They collaborated with Phluid Project to release Rainbow Stripe Tie-Dye Edition which combined sweatpants and overalls into one amazingly comfortable creation. On different levels, 10% of the revenues from each pair sold were contributed to the benefit of the most vulnerable LGBT+ community people.
  1. Bath & Body Works – They honored Pride Month by releasing a “Love is Love” line of body lotions, candles, aroma goods, shower gels, etc. They donated $150,000 to the It Gets Better Project in support of their goal to elevate, connect and empower LGBT+ children worldwide.
  1. Alexander Daas – The premium, indie eyewear company contributed 20% of all Nina Chantele X Alexander Daas Chi-to-LA Rainbow-painted aviator purchases in June. The Trevor Project is the world’s leading crisis intervention and suicide prevention organization for LGBT+ teens.
  1. Sanuk – They launched a new footwear collection for all genders. They also donated $10,000 to Pacific Pride Foundation in June in honor of Pride Month to support the LGBT+ community and to pledge to foster pleasant and safe spaces for all. An additional $3 on each pair will be donated towards different social activities for them.
  1. Black Baccara – Kalliope Amorphous is the founder and artist of Black Baccara, an independent perfume business specializing in gender-free scents. It is multiracial, women-owned and LGBT+ owned. 

During Pride Month, Amorphous releases a limited-edition scent to benefit the community. This year’s scent was Love is Love, and 50% of all earnings were donated to New Alternatives which helps homeless LGBT+ kids in New York City.

  1. Venvs – It is an LGBT+ owned, all-inclusive jewelry business specializing in fine jewelry and engagement. They introduced The Pride & The Joy rings in honor of Pride Month this year. For June, all proceeds from The Joy ring sales were donated to the Trevor Project.
  1. – They had a Pride Collection of presents that included rainbow cake pops, Pride flowers, and cookies in a You Are Awesome Party in a Box. This year they collaborated with GLAAD whom they will support by donating 20% of net revenues from their Pride Collection.

How brands did celebrating Pride Month 2022?

Many big brands ran campaigns and some of them are listed as follows:

  • H&M ran My Chosen FamilyWalmart ran Pride & Joy
  • Under Armour ran United We Win
  • Nike Be True ran Sport is Love
  • Old Navy ran We Love All Love
  • Madewell ran Love to All
  • J. Crew ran Pride Is For Everybody
  • Hollister ran Live Loud! Live Proud!

There are many other brands like Disney, American Eagle, Bombas, Coach, etc. who ran different campaigns to support and celebrate Pride. Many of them also partnered with non-profit organizations to donate for the good of the LGBT+ community.


Society is moving forward along with the corporates and for today’s generation being a member of the LGBT+ is no longer a topic of shame. Even the corporates support the LGBT+ community and this is a long way to go. The corporates extend their assisting hand by giving back to the community through different campaigns all through Pride Month but as we shall say, Every Day is a Pride Day, and Every Month Should be A Pride Month! Only then we will form a genuine all-inclusive community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why do brands give back during Pride Month?

There can be different reasons behind brands giving back Pride Month. This can either be for their brand promotion as well as they genuinely care about the LGBT+ community and strive to make the world a better and more pleasant place for them.

Q2. Do Indian brands accept Pride Month?

Yes, Indian brands do accept and celebrate Pride Month by various means like changing their logos to rainbow-colored. There have been some iconic advertisements by brands like Amul, Bhima Jewelry, Titan, etc. that beautifully showcased the unity of humanity above genders and mindsets.

Q3. Which was the first brand to support LGBT+ openly?

Absolut Vodka was the very first brand to support the community. It gave a full-page advertisement in a homosexual magazine, around 50 years ago.

Brands Celebrating Pride Month 2022

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