How Much Does It Really Costs To Go To Disney World Now

Disneyland, which first opened in 1971, is widely regarded as the world’s most luxurious amusement park. This thematic park is so enchanting that people spend a lot of time and money there. If you are filthy rich or you can spend $109 for one person, then it’s the best place to step in. There, every activity and every step costs you a lot. Whenever someone plans to visit Disneyland, the first question is how much it will cost. It’s not easy to give the exact budget because it can vary with your selection of hotels, activities, and time. Let’s know How Much Does It Really Costs To Go To Disney World Now.

How Much Does It Really Costs To Go To Disney World Now

Disneyland is a dream place for young and old, but it is not just an ordinary amusement park where you can spend your vacations; instead, your pocket needs to be heavy to afford the real essence of the park. The 2022 year is expected to be more expensive than previous years because of the hype in fuel prices. If you are living in Florida, then you need to pay the entrance fee and purchase tickets for activities or its famous thematic buffets. But, if you have to visit from another country, then it includes travelling charges as well. But, there are cheap flights available, or you can book tickets with a gap of 1 or 2 months so you can get good discounts. From the airport, you have to rent a car, which will approximately cost you about $49 per day. When it comes to hotel stays, then there is an option that you can stay in Ornaldo’s hotel. But, if you have decided to enjoy all the perks of Disneyland, you can select from their thematic hotels. 

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There are some factors discussed that affect the cost of Disneyland: 


It is very important to select the time before planning this expensive trip. Disneyland is cheaper with hotel prices, ticket prices, and buffet prices during January, May, and September. It seems to be the best time to enjoy all the amenities with cheaper tickets at Disneyland.


If you live in France, then you can have the cheapest flight of $200 per adult. But, if you live outside France, then it depends on how far you live and how stable your country’s economy is. The only way to get a cheap ticket is to book 2 months before your trip. Also, instead of booking a direct flight, book a transit flight. 


Once you have landed in Orlando, the next step is to find a suitable hotel. Now, there are ample options from cheap to luxury, but it depends on your budget. If you can pay insanely, then stay at one of the Disneyland Resorts. This will make you live and enjoy all activities. You can choose from Animal Kingdom Resort, All-Star Movies Resort, Star Wars, etc. However, if you want to have a budget trip, then first choose the time of your visit and select hotels outside of Disneyland.

Let’s figure it out. Step by step, how much will it cost to spend a day at Disneyland?

1-Parking tickets

You can’t save money on parking tickets; they have a set price for this. If you have to enter, you have to pay for this insanely expensive parking ticket. One way to save money is to choose a cheaper month. 


Disney has some extraordinary hotels to dine in. It has thematic restaurants where characters can be in action and serve you at a table. These dining experiences are expensive, but Disney also has a reasonable option where you can buy food from a stall. You cannot bring edibles from outside; you must purchase them on Disney property. If you are looking for a lavish and magical dining experience, then it will cost around $82-$100. Though, you can save and make it $45-$50 as well if you choose stalls over restaurants. Also take a bottle of water, which you can refill from the fountains; otherwise it will cost $4 for one bottle of plain water.


Disney is very good at marketing its products. If you are visiting with your kids, there is no way you can budget your trip. You simply cannot resist purchasing souvenirs from there. There are water parks that cost almost $70 per person; if you are visiting in the summer that is a place to go. You cannot stop yourself and your kids from enjoying the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. There are 4 mini-golf courses, and it costs approximately $14–$15 per person. 

1-Can you budget your Disneyland visit?

Disneyland is an expensive and luxurious park. But if you select the off-season time, book your flight 2 months before your trip, and choose to live outside of Disneyland, that could save you a good amount of money.

2-Which months are cheaper for Disney visits?

January, May, and September are considered to be less expensive than other months.


A Disneyland trip is pricey and considered a luxurious trip. From flights to random activities, everything is expensive. The tips to enjoy and save money are to go off-season, go individually or as a couple instead of bringing kids, use transit flights to reach Orlando, stay outside Disneyland, skip the park hopper option, avoid buffets and parties, go on weekdays, eat from stalls and avoid unnecessary activities. This is how you can afford a Disney budget trip. If you want to enjoy all the perks, then fill your pocket and be prodigal.

How Much Does It Really Costs To Go To Disney World Now

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