Tim Hortons – Know More About It

Mornings should always begin with some positivity. Taking care of you external body with some exercise, walk, jogging, showers and taking care of your internal body with some tasty breakfast. If you are considering a cup of coffee in the morning which has an incredible and unforgettable taste, Tim Hortons is here for you. A fast food restaurant that serves good quality coffee along with some other delicious products that are mouth watering.

Tim Hortons


Usually goes by its pet name ‘Tim’s’, Tim Hortons, popular for its coffee, donuts, teas, bagels and breakfast etc is a restaurant based in Canada. One of the largest Canadian restaurant chain. Its headquarters are in Ontario Toronto. It was founded by the famous and talented Canadian ice hockey player of Toronto Maple Leafs Tim Horton and Jim Charade, a businessman who used to run a donut shop. The two founded, the now famous Tim Hortons on May 17h 1964. The name Tim Hortons kept changing as the first ever item that was served at the time was donuts. So, slowly and gradually after further changes and amendments a final name was given. 

It is used to sell donuts only in the beginning. After some Ron Joyce and Horton became partners.  After Horton died, Joyce became the sole owner and started working on expansion of the business. In 1991 the the 500th store was opened as Royce was expanding the stores geographically. But the expansion of this was not an easy job as the competition with the rivals was heating up. 

Ron Joyce’s energetic attitude towards the expansion of the business lead to a great change in Canadian coffee and donut market. Now, Tim Hortons has a total of 5,291 branches around the world and is expanding every year. It is in the beginning sold only two products, coffee and donut but now they have added more items to the menu with more beverages and variety of baked items. Despite the addition of items to the menu coffee and donut still have a big impact on Tim Hortons sales. 

The chain serves coffees, iced coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos, iced cappuccinos. Along with this they serve some delicious donuts, bagels, croissants and cookies. Breakfast at here is very popular. 

It always uses unique marketing strategies. ‘Always Fresh always Tim Horton’ is their slogan. In 2009, It made its official social media page which was a great tactic of marketing. It also started promotion with the global superstar Canadian singer Justin Bieber, a limited edition ‘Tim Biebs’. Now It is considered as part of Canadian culture. 

It is famous for taking part in many charities. Timbits Minor Sports Program is well known for sponsoring various sports like children hockey etc. Many recognized people donate huge sums of charity for this program. Not only this but many former and present ice hockey players also give this program the attention that it needs.

Most popular items at Tim Hortons

  1. Orange tangerine refresher
  2. Hash browns
  3. Mac and cheese
  4. Strawberry frozen lemonade
  5. Iced latte
  6. Caramel iced cappuccino
  7. Oreo iced cappuccino
  8. Timbits (one-bite donuts)
  9. Apple fritter
  10. Cookies
  11. Muffins
  12. Pretzel bagels
  13. Dark roast coffee
  14. Honeycomb latte
  15. Lemon meringue donut
  16. Canadian maple donut

Tim Hortons vs Starbucks (drawbacks/benefits)

People consider simple and more common items for comparison. Coffees of both Tim Hortons and Starbucks are divine. So, the competition between them is extremely tough. When it comes to presentation of food and drinks it is as important as the ingredients as the presentation is what makes the drinks and food more attractive and mouth watering. 

  • presentation

Starbucks has the upper hand, when talking about presentation of drinks.

  • cost effective

Tim Hortons has low purchasing cost as compared to Starbucks which is the biggest plus point.

  • service 

Starbucks is known for its accurate delivery and service. whereas, Tim Hortons on the other hand is known for its quick service and delivery.

  • social media presence

Starbucks on social media has different approach, it shows perspective of individuals. On social media, Tim Hortons promotes hockey and Canadian culture.

  • coffee

Starbucks has a variety of options for its coffees as they change and add drinks according to the season which is why the customers are very attracted. Tim Hortons has limited options for its drinks which is one of its major drawbacks.

  • ambience

When you enter Starbucks it is extremely eye pleasing as they work a lot on their interior. Contrary to Starbucks, when you enter Tim Hortons  gives  a sense of professionalism only.

Biggest competitors of Tim Hortons

  1. Starbucks
  2. Burger king
  3. McDonald’s
  4. Dunkin’


  • An issue regarding the environment arised that, the material used for the cups at Tim Hortons is not recyclable which is harmful for the environment. 
  • Another issue that got some attention from the press was that at its behaviour was not good with the employees and were cutting off employee benefits.
  • Health researchers say that its beverages are of high calories which are definitely not good for health.

What is the reason behind the obsession of Canadians for Tim Hortons?

Canada is famous for various reasons like ice hockey, maple syrup, its people and Tim Hortons on top of all. There is some special connection between Canadians and Tim Hortons. For Canadians it not just a shop for donuts and coffee. But it is a place where they can enjoy coffee along with their loved ones. A place where you can work, study or unwind your mind.

There are also other factors involved that makes this Canada’s first choice. The quality is unquestionably good, with a variety of other items on the menu. And the best part of about this is that the prices are really reasonable which makes Tim Hortons even more likeable. It is the most trusted when comes to choosing a coffee brand. It has been very reliable for years. Their quality control standard is what makes Tim Hortons so trusty. It has now become a part of Canadian culture.

Tim Hortons – Know More About It

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