Do liquor stores accept apple pay?

Apple Pay is a digital payment system launched by Apple Inc. It was initially released in 2014 by Apple. There are other digital payment services as well like GooglePay, SamsungPay, PayPal, etc. which allow people to make their payments online digitally. These online payment services are better than physical payment systems because they delete the necessity to carry cash everywhere. Carrying cash along with you has several demerits like the danger of being robbed, theft, losing your wallets, etc. but with these online digital payment systems, you are safe and secure. These payment systems automatically deduct the required amount from your linked bank accounts and save you in times of need when you do not have instant cash with you.  Here we will see about Do liquor stores accept apple pay?

With the advent of a technology-driven society, now everyone prefers making and receiving their payments online digitally. This system benefits both parties – the payers do not have the necessity to carry cash and the receivers do not have the necessity to deposit cash in the bank. This is the reason why nowadays everyone accepts online digital payments. You can make digital payments at all the retail stores. In fact, there are several liquor stores as well that accept digital payments like Apple pay.

Do liquor stores accept apple pay?

All you need to know about using Apple Pay at liquor stores – 

  1. You can use Apply Pay at many wine and liquor stores. 
  2. Apple pay is accepted everywhere at all the retail stores. Still, there are certain retail stores that do not accept Apple Pay which is – Walmart, Kroger, and Dick’s sporting goods. You can use other modes of payment at these stores like Walmart Pay and Kroger Pay. Kroger pay is applicable on Dick’s sporting goods as well. 
  3. The store(s) which accept apple pay as a payment option will definitel have apple pay’s logo placed somewhere on their check-out counter. If you are accessing an online store, then the apple pay option will come under payment options. 
  4. If you pay at a store that doesn’t allow apple pay using the apple pay option, then your money will be refunded to you either instantly or within 7 working days. 

Liquor stores accepting apple pay – 

There are various liquor stores that accept apple pay. These are – 

  1. Total Wine
  2. LCBO
  3. Moreno’s Liquors
  4. K&L Wine Merchants
  5. Off-Premise
  6. Batch 13
  7. Bitters and Bottles
  8. General Store by Amore y Amargo
  9. Amaro Spirits and Wine
  10. Astor Wine and Spirits
  11. Duke’s Liquor Box
  12. Cask
  13. Justin’s House of Bourbon
  14. LeNell’s Beverage Boutique
  15. Westport Whiskey and Wine

All these are some of the famous liquor retailers in America located in various major cities like California, Louisville, Kentucky, San Francisco, New York City, etc.  However, these are big retail stores so obviously they do accept apple pay as a payment option, but other big and small liquor stores and bars also mostly accept apple pay as a payment option because it is quite popular and in demand.

Other than these stores, various other grocery retail stores that sell alcohol and liquor in their stores and online stores such as Trader Joe’s, Target, etc. These stores also accept apple pay as a payment option. 

Conclusion –

In short, we can say that Apple pay is a very easy and secure method of payment. It is widely used among people along with some other online digital payment options like G-Pay. In a world where everything is running online, carrying hard cash can come with several threats. So, people prefer paying online, and now e-commerce has also facilitated online payments and has made it quite easy for everyone to use it. 

Frequently Asked Questions – 

  1. Where can you use Apple Pay?

Apple pay can be used at many outlets like retail stores, restaurants, liquor stores, gas stations, banks, etc.

  1. Do liquor stores offer discounts on using apple pay?

Different liquor stores offer different discount offers and benefits for using online payment systems. Apart form the retailers, there are various offers by apple pay as well as making regular payments so that you can avail of the cashback and other offers. 

  1. Who are compatible banking partners with Apple Pay?

Apple has partnered with several banks. This means that you can link the cards of any of these partner banks along with Apple pay. The partner banks are Bank of America, HSBC, Capital One, Chase, Citi, American Express, and Wells Fargo. You can link the credit/debit cards of any of these banks with you apple pay account and can use it at the retail stores.

  1. What is Apple pay loyalty card?

In 2015, apple pay partnered with various retailers to enhance its loyalty programs. These loyalty cards can be spent on all the eligible stores. Walgreens was the first company to partner with Apple pay’s loyalty card program. The Walgreens customers having membership with are eligible for apple pay’s loyalty program when they use apple pay. 

Do liquor stores accept apple pay?

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