Connecting a fire TV remote without WiFi?

Amazon Fire TV was launched in 2014 by Amazon company. The Fire TV devices are a series of micro consoles which are used for audio and video streaming. If you do not have a smart TV and you want to watch online movies or web series, you can install an amazon fire TV on your regular LED TV and convert it into a smart LED TV. The device comes in two forms – a set-top box and a plug-in stick. The device enables you to access all the online OTT platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, etc.  Here we will see about Connecting a fire TV remote without WiFi?

Amazon Fire TV second-generation remote and plug-in stick simply needs to be installed in your TV’s HDMI port. The fire stick remote comes with an in-built Alexa voice remote codenamed “tank”. The best feature of the Fire TV remote has a microphone installed within it that enables you to use Alexa using voice command which makes it easier for people who have not even used these features before. It works just like a usual TV remote. Let us read the features of this remote further in the article. 

Connecting a fire TV remote without WiFi?

Connecting Fire TV remote without WiFi – 

The Amazon fire stick is an extremely handy and portable product. Its compactness and lightweight are the main reasons behind its huge popularity. You can carry the fire stick plug-in and remote along with you anywhere and can install it on other TV sets and enjoy your favorite OTT platforms on any TV set. 

Let us see how to connect a fire tv stick with WiFi without using the remote –

  1. Use an HDMI-CEC remote to connect to your firestick. The HDMI-CEC remote are designed in such a way that they are interoperable across various devices. Go to control settings and choose HDMI-CEC device control. You just need to enable the HDMI-CEC remote and follow the instructions.

Download the fire TV app:

You simply need to download the Fire TV app on your smartphone. Your smartphone in this case can act as a remote. You do not need to have the Fire TV remote to operate and connect to WiFi. Connect the Firestick TV remote with the app and hotspot and use the app to control the WiFi. 

Follow these simple steps to connect to WiFi without using Fire TV remote –

  1. Download and install the Fire TV app on your smartphone.
  2. Connect your secondary device like a laptop or tablet to the Wifi.
  3. Use that device to create a hotspot.
  4. Then connect the device to the app you downloaded.
  5. Your TV will display a 4-digit code on the screen.
  6. Enter this code in your app.
  7. Now your phone will have a virtual remote and you can use the keys in that app similar to those in the remote.

This is how simple it is to connect the Fire TV with the WiFi without using a fire TV remote control.

Conclusion –

The Fire TV is an amazing way to convert your normal LED TV into smart TV and access all the OTT platforms. If you want to carry the fire TV device along with you, you can carry it anywhere. Its portability and weight are the peculiar features of this device. The ease of use and handiness are the reasons behind its wide popularity among the audience. If you forget your remote, there are many ways in which you can still access the Fire TV on any TV set. So, next time you forget to carry your remote control, you can still access your Fire TV.

Frequently Asked Questions –

  1. How do I connect a new remote to Fire TV?

If you want to connect a new remote, go to settings and choose controllers and Bluetooth devices. Then click on Amazon fire TV remotes and click on the ‘Add new remote’ option. Your new remote will be connected to your Fire TV device.

  1. How to make my Fire TV remote work faster?

If your Fire TV remote is running slow, there might be some things you can do to enhance its speed. Go to settings and click on ‘applications’. Select the option ‘manage installed applications. Select clear cache and/or clear data. Just like you clear the cache on your laptop to make your laptop work faster, similarly clearing the cache on the Fire TV remote will enhance its speed. 

  1. Can I use the fire TV remote without WiFi?

No. It is not possible to connecting your Fire TV remote without WiFi. If you lose the remote, you can still use your smartphone as a virtual remote, but in the absence of network connectivity, neither the Fire TV will work nor the Fire TV remote. However, you can have access to a few pre-installed apps and watch a limited number of programs available.

Connecting a fire TV remote without WiFi?

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