Does UPS Take Passport Photos?- Know More About It

UPS i.e., United Postal Service was formed in 1907 as an American international logistics and supply-chain company. UPS is the world’s most profitable courier corporation, with annual revenues of roughly US$85 bn in 2020, well ahead of rivals DHL and FedEx. Today, UPS is most recognized for its global shipping services and the UPS Stores, a retail network that aids UPS deliveries and provides small business products. UPS also offers overnight and two-day air shipping, as well as delivery to post office boxes via UPS SurePost, a company that sends items through the US Postal Service for last-mile delivery. UPS provides a wide range of services, from shipping to finance, and it competes with USPS, which provides services such as passport photographs etc. Let us know more detail about ‘Does UPS Take Passport Photos?’.

Does UPS Take Passport Photos?

Does UPS Take Passport Photos?

In addition to many other postal services, UPS takes passport pictures too. Of course, this service is available at specific UPS facilities. Unless you’re sending your application through UPS, passport photographs cost $12 for a pair and doesn’t require any further documents. There are no waiting periods because pictures are taken by appointment offline or online. 

Which UPS Stores Provide Passport Photos?

Customers may get passport photographs at any of UPS’s 3,800 stores. To make the job easier, these establishments now provide an online reservation service. There will be a specific space where you may take passport photos at each site. Employees in that location will instruct you on how to take an ideal photograph. You may use UPS’s store locator to discover a UPS location in your area. After that, you may contact them and inquire about passport photo services.   

What’s the price of getting a Passport-sized Photo clicked at UPS?

A duo of passport photographs will cost you $12 at UPS shops. The pricing may fluctuate based on the store’s location. As a result, it’s recommended to phone the UPS shop and inquire about the cost. Please remember that UPS has about 5,000 stores, so you should be able to pick one close to your house that is reasonably priced. Other merchants may charge a higher price. Ensure you have everything you need for a passport photo when you’re at the UPS Passport Photo facility. 

What documents are needed for the photograph and what is the payment method accepted?

Before obtaining the passport photo made at UPS, you may require correct identification. That is why you must have your driver’s license, passport, and other important documents with you. Aside from that, you can pay cash or other UPS-accepted payment method. It’s recommended to call the UPS store and inquire about their requirements. Depending on how long you wait after you arrive, getting your shot may take some time. 

How Long Would It Take for UPS To Deliver the Passport Photo? 

The wait periods are identical to those for a real passport. Because passport images are supplied with other application papers, this is the case. You have the option of receiving the photo online and submitting your passport application yourself, or submitting your request via UPS whenever the photo is taken. You will normally receive your picture electronically within 24 hours if you pick this option. In offline mode, it might take four to 6 weeks. COVID-19 has rendered everything unpredictable, thus the timing depends on the conditions. The staff can better advise you on how long it’ll take based on the conditions. It will also assist you in better understanding the waiting process. 

How Do I Order UPS Passport Photos Online?

You must make an appointment and travel to the site where your passport photographs will be taken. The company will help you through the criteria for passport photographs, such as backdrop and other factors. Only the UPS website allows you to plan appointments. After that, you must go to the appropriate site for passport pictures. When you arrive, the shop will take your new passport and provide you with further information, including when you will get your passport. So, discover a UPS facility near you now and get a new passport photo in a jiffy. 

Does UPS deliver Passport Photos at home?

Yes, UPS can deliver packages to your doorstep. UPS delivers your delivery to your door or directly into your hands. People who are delivering a package and those who will be collecting one can leave specific delivery instructions with UPS. If your courier can get to the designated drop-off location, they will usually comply with your request. 


Passport picture services are available at various UPS Store locations. You should contact or email before time to verify if your local shop provides these services. A pair of two passport photographs costs $12 at most UPS Stores that provide passport photo services. You won’t have to wait long at the store because passport photographs are taken on an appointment basis. If you want to upload your passport application yourself, you can have your passport photo provided to you online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Q1. Does UPS take Passport Photos?

Ans- Yes UPS does take Passport photos. Upon submission of the application, UPS will give it after the specified time. 

  • Q2. How many days will it take to get the passport photos from UPS?

Ans- That depends on how fast the UPS store can give it to you. In some UPS stores, it hardly takes 2 weeks to deliver the photos but, in some stores, it normally takes four to six weeks. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the delivery has become slower than earlier. Therefore, it is recommended to apply online to get the photos fast. 

  • Q3. How to know if there is a UPS Store in my area or not?

Ans- UPS Store Locator is an application by UPS which will locate the nearest UPS Store in your locality through GPS technology. 

  • Q4. What’s the price of a pair of Passport-Sized Photos at UPS Stores?

Ans- The Price for a pair of passport photos is only $12 but the price may change subject to some stores not having updated their technology or other factors. 

Does UPS Take Passport Photos?- Know More About It

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