Dior Café Miami – Know More

The combination of an elegant fashion house with a café might sound like a dream to many, and a reality to others. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants owned by acclaimed fashion houses these days as a way of attracting more customers. This concept has also emerged in a way to make the customers spend more time in their boutiques. Social media phenomena have caused these fashion houses to promote their shops uniquely. Christian Dior also adds to this list as they have several cafes around the world now. Dior Café Miami combines its opulent fashion house with the comfort provided in café stores.

Dior Café Miami - Know More

This café is located in the famous Miami Design District surrounded by other prominent fashion houses and sophisticated cafes. This luxurious café is open Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm and 12 pm to 5:30 pm on Sundays. To get into the café, there is usually a waiting list.

The Dior Café Experience

Dior is famous for its fashion lines, but is the café worth it? In order to get into the café in the first place, you’ll have to enter their fashion store first and get on the waiting list for the café. If you’ll arrive early then there are chances you won’t have to wait, but it generally gets crowded quickly no matter what day it is. 

The cafe is located on the rooftop on the third floor of their fashion store and customers are greeted by the huge Dior sign present in a golden font to accentuate the brand. It’s a small place, which explains the waiting list, and there are several comfortable seating options available. The ambiance of this café is much like the fashion house, furnished with sculptures of animals, gorgeous Toile de Jouy prints, and patio umbrellas to provide shade from the Miami heat. 

The menu is simple and almost everything has the signature Dior logo. This is one of the main reasons why so many people often flock to the Dior café. The aesthetic is perfect for a bunch of photo-ops and no matter what food item you’ll order, it’s bound to have ‘Dior’ written on it. 

What Can You Get Here?

A relatively small menu is provided at the Dior café where you can get fruits and fruit beverages, teas, coffees, desserts, and bakery items. It’s an ideal place to stop by after shopping in Miami Design District. Since it’s a luxury fashion house’s café, how much does an average latte cost?

If you’re planning on buying a simple latte and croissant, your total would amount to no less than $25. The price definitely falls to the higher end in comparison to other cafes, but is it reasonable? According to plenty of reviews online, you’ll either enjoy it or you’ll hate it. At the end of the day, most people are more interested in clicking a picture of the special Dior latte than analyzing the taste it provides. 

The popular food items here that you might have seen on dozens of Instagram pictures online are the signature coffees that come with either ‘Dior’ or ‘CD’ sprinkled on top of the drink with cocoa powder. There are good reviews about the acacia bowls, Dior chocolate royal, and Dior almond lattes as well. 

Dior Café: Is It Worth It?

After spending your time shopping at the Dior fashion boutique, people don’t mind spending their money on overpriced beverages and pastries at the café on the rooftop. Since it’s a luxury brand, people do flock here with the intention of supporting the brand. These cafes owned by fashion houses are less about the actual foods and beverages they provide and more about the way they display their brand.

Even if the taste of the food items or beverages isn’t up to the mark for many people that visit this little rooftop café, they often praise the outdoor aesthetic and gorgeous setting. The cheapest items here cost around $8 and you can still enjoy the luxurious environment of the fashion house’s café without paying a hefty amount for it. 

Dior Café can be worth visiting if you enjoy the look of the brand and you’re looking for a quick bite before having an actual meal later. If you’re planning on checking it out solely to inspect the quality of the food, maybe it’s better to attempt to enjoy the whole experience. 


Dior Café in Miami is one of the hottest spots and it’s no surprise it’s often crowded during peak hours. People have complimented this café for its friendly staff and beautiful views regardless of the fact that they enjoyed their food or not. It’s become a hotspot for influencers and tourists alike because of its services. They’re also highly rated on multiple food-review websites and also on Google.

Dior Café Miami – Know More

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