How To Get Slime Out Of Clothes?

Slime is one of the most crucial scientific toys ever developed in the history of children’s entertainment. Slime has been acting as a source of inspiration for many kids around the world. However, the component is not without its flaws. Slime exhibits a unique problem, where it spreads onto clothes, furniture, and surfaces & ruins them. This article briefly covers the best methods to remove slime stains from the clothes. Let us know about “How To Get Slime Out Of Clothes?”

How To Get Slime Out Of Clothes?

There are some easy ways to clear slime from your clothes. Some commonly adopted methods include the usage of vinegar & soft scrub, the addition of dish soap, machine washing of clothes, etc. The best way to deal with slime is to anticipate its effect on your kids’ clothes and hence act accordingly.

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The Relevance Of Slime

Slime is one of the best brain-activity-inducing toys out there. Apart from the squishy, stretching, fun quality, slime is pure science capable of lifting your child’s spirits. The relaxing, calming nature of time spent with slime is also a significant aspect in clarifying the sensibility & sensitive approach of any child. 

Engage your kids in playing with slime to empower a mix of fun & strategy in their daily routine. Slime is an advantageous toy considering how it benefits the children to master scientific aspects, problem-solving illustrations, sensory techniques, and confidence boost.

Different Types of Slime Removal in Detail

The various types of slime removal from clothes & their description are in detail below.

Removal Of Slime With Vinegar

Removing slime stains with vinegar is the most popular option in almost all households. The best choice for creating perfect slime removal is white vinegar, as there will not be a fabric stain. The procedure of application of vinegar on slime stain is as follows.

Apply the vinegar directly to the slime spot and leave it soaking for some time. Use a soft brush to rub the stain spot gently & then rinse the cloth with warm water. You may also use a cleaning cloth instead of brushes. Once the slime spot & vinegar are not visible, you can wash the clothes.

Removing Slime Stains With Washing Liquid

The washing liquid that you use for cleaning the clothes offers slime removal potential. The same steps in the case of vinegar usage apply here as well. A dish wash soap or liquid detergent offers a similar slime removal capability.

Removal Using Acetone

Acetone is a component that works best against glue-based slime. You can combine acetone with cotton wool & rub on the part where the stain is present. After the stain removal, it is possible to wash the cloth and remove the slime.

Removal After The Washing Process

It is always advisable to remove slime stains before the washing process. The best method is to use white vinegar for slime that remains after the washing is complete. It is an extension of the best slime removal technique.

Slime-Removal Products In The Market

Exclusive products are available in the market that serves the function of removing slime. You can purchase them from online portals or similar shopping platforms. The popular available products are Sticky Stuff Remover and Goo Gone.

Dry Slime Removal

The case of dry slime appearance is always a possibility considering how the stain particles could attach firmly to the cloth material. The best option for slime removal is the use of ice cubes. Freezing the stained part will help you remove the dry slime quite easily. You can supplement the ice using your fingernails or tweezers to remove the minute particles.

Removal Using Rubbing Alcohol

This method is best applicable in the removal of glue-based slime. It is a product with an astringent property and needs pretesting. You must test the rubbing alcohol on a similar small cloth piece to see how it works. Based on the results, you can decide to work on it for the complete slime removal.

Slime Removal Using Nail Polish Remover

The removal of slime using nail polish remover works similarly to that in the case of rubbing alcohol.


There is no need to worry about the laundry disaster from slime. The main thing to consider is that your children are having fun with the object & it is giving them plenty of learning space and activity. You can easily remove slime with the assistance of the tips mentioned in this article.

  1. Is slime stain dangerous for children?

Generally, slime is a safe option for kids. Most slime recipes are either edible or natural substances. You can assure yourself that your kids are not in danger while playing with slime or getting stained on their clothes.

  1. What type of vinegar is best for slime removal?

All types of vinegar are excellent for this purpose. But the best one is the white vinegar compared to the red, balsamic, and malt vinegar types. It is because the chances of staining the fabric are the least when using white vinegar.

  1. Can I make slime at home?

Yes. You can easily make slime at home using some simple ingredients. The homemade recipes still cannot fight their effect on clothes.

  1. Are there specific types of clothes where slime cannot spread?

Such clothes are not available in general. Your best choice is to work on the slime removal techniques on the affected ones.

How To Get Slime Out Of Clothes?

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