RCA 9 Mobile Dual Screen DVD Player-Know More

Want to have the best pick for a portable DVD player? The RCA Corporation has brought to you a 9-inch mobile DVD player with an extra 9-inch display. In this article we shall see RCA 9 Mobile Dual Screen DVD Player

This device‎ (DRC79982) comprises one DVD Player and dual-screen as well as other interesting components such as the headrest mounting straps,  remote control, and DC adapters. The system includes inbuilt speakers and headphone connections. Moreover, it can play DVDs, CDs, and JPG files. 

RCA 9 Mobile Dual Screen DVD Player

Features Of The Product

  • The RCA 9 Mobile Dual Screen DVD Player weighs 2.8 pounds with dimensions of ‎11.6 x 4.5 x 8.3 inches. 
  • 9-disc LCD screen display
  • DVDs, CDs, and JPEGs are all supported.
  • For smooth playback, there is electronic skip protection.
  • AV cable with a dual-output automobile power adaptor for connecting an additional LCD screen.
  • Straps for attaching the headrest
  • Remote control with full functionality and a built-in battery
  • Speakers are built-in
  • Headphone jacks and AV output connectors are included in the RCA twin-screen DVD player.

Why Should I Use This Product?

The RCA 9 Mobile Dual Screen DVD Player is a unique device for playing your favorite videos and movies anytime and anywhere. Read the following to know more benefits of using this product: 

Make Your Road Journeys More Entertaining

With this mobile DVD Player, you can entertain your passengers and make road journeys more fun by providing your backseat companion with their favorite content. 

Safely Attach To Your Vehicle’s Headrest

To install the device without any difficulty or fuss, the provided straps can be used to mount both the 9″ screens. 

Remote Control Keeps You In Command

It is easy to skip to your favorite movie scenes, go through music tracks, and modify audio and display settings with the help of the remote supplied to you. 

Power On The Go

The most interesting feature is that no batteries are required. A dual-output power converter that connects to the auxiliary power outlet in your vehicle is included in the RCA mobile DVD system. 

No Further Wiring Is Required

You can have pleasure listening to your favorite music as each monitor has its own set of speakers. Both monitors are powered by a dual-power connector that comes with the package.

Rich Multimedia Experience

You can have a great multimedia experience by connecting camcorders, video gaming systems, and much more to the system’s AV outputs. You can also use the system’s headphone connectors for private listening.

Enjoy The Content

The unit’s flip-out disc carriage makes it simple to insert your favorite DVDs and CDs. For dual playback, an AV cable is provided to connect both monitors.

Is There Any Warranty For This Device?

A warranty of 12 months is available from the date of purchase of your RCA product. If there is a defect in material or workmanship in your DVD player, a refurbished replacement of the same or better model would be done. 

Price Of The Product

The RCA 9 Mobile Dual Screen DVD Player costs around $184.07 but is available at different prices at different sites. Compare the sites and select accordingly. 


This is a specialized DVD player and does not disappoint. You can easily attach one screen to the front row of your automobile and the other at the back for all passengers to watch. The wires are long enough to link the player. In addition to that, each screen has a headphone jack as mentioned above which makes it convenient for the driver to drive the vehicle without any disturbance. It is simple to erect and dismantle. So enjoy your favorite content with excellent image and sound quality at fantastic prices! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Does My Mobile Dual Screen DVD Player Operate?

A dual-screen portable DVD player is a set of portable DVD players designed for use in cars, featuring the main player and a secondary slave screen. This solution allows you to power both screens from a single automobile power outlet, allowing you to watch a movie on both screens.

  1. Why Is My Portable DVD Player Saying No Disc?

If messages like ‘No Disc’, ‘No Error’, or ‘Insert Disc’ keep appearing on the DVD screen, check the following: 

  • If the player has a disc in it, make sure that the disc is put properly in the disc tray, with the playback side facing downwards. 
  • Check to see that the disc you are using is supported by the player. 
  1. Can I Use The 9 Mobile Dual Screen DVD Players outside the US?

Electrical plugs are designed for use in the United States. Because outlets and voltage change from country to country, you may need an adapter or converter to utilize this device at your destination. Therefore, it is necessary to double-check the compatibility before making a purchase.

RCA 9 Mobile Dual Screen DVD Player-Know More

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