Does Grubhub Deliver Cigarettes?

Are you from a major US city? Then you must know how easy it is to access local restaurants and order food online with the availability of Grubhub. Grubhub offers its service in more than 3,000 cities in the United States. Grubhub is known to provide its service even outside the US. Grubhub has been in the market for many years now and has grown exponentially. The company partners with the restaurants and delivers food from those restaurants to your doorstep. It eases the food ordering procedure for customers as they just have to sign in to the website and order anything of their choice from the restaurants near them. Grubhub not only delivers food and drinks from restaurants but also many other essentials. Since they have also partnered with convenience stores you can order batteries, contraceptives, pregnancy kits, first aid kits, and many more at Grubhub.  Here we will see about Does Grubhub Deliver Cigarettes?

Does Grubhub Deliver Cigarettes?

Does Grubhub Deliver Cigarettes?

The answer to this question would be a simple NO. Grubhub does not deliver cigarettes. They are mainly known to deliver food and beverages from the restaurants and shops near you. Apart from that, they have a partnership with stores like 7-11 and Circle K. So, you can order other essentials from these stores on Grubhub. But you cannot get your cigarettes delivered from Grubhub since they do not deliver tobacco for a few reasons. To deliver items containing tobacco, the company needs to make sure that the delivery person delivering the item is at least 21 years old. They also need to check whether the person who has ordered the item is also 21 years old or above. Delivering cigarettes makes the company a third party involved in selling cigarettes. With this title comes additional legalities. This can be one of the top reasons why Grubhub chose not to deliver cigarettes.

How to Order on Grubhub?

Grubhub is known to be user-friendly. Ordering on Grubhub is very easy. The best option would be to download the Grubhub app. It will help you stay updated about the tracking details of your order. Now let’s learn how to order on Grubhub stepwise.

Step 1: In the “Street address” section, put your complete address.

Step 2: From the toggle list, choose whether you want it to be delivered or you want to pick it up from the restaurant. Accordingly, select “Deliver” or “Pick up”.

Step 3: Grubhub will show the list of restaurants in your area. You can also lookup a specific restaurant if you want.

Step 4: Choose a restaurant and view its menu.

Step 5: From the menu, add the items you want to your bag.

Step 6: Once you are ready for checkout, click on the “Continue to checkout” option.

Step 7: Before confirming your order, double-check your orders, address, and delivery instructions (if any).

Step 8: Choose how you want to pay for your order and accordingly select from the options. 

Step 9: Click on the “Place you Order” option to confirm your order.

Step 10: Your part of the job is done. You can check your email for your order confirmation. Now, sit back and chill while Grubhub delivers your items to you.

Is Grubhub+ Worth it?

Grubhub is well reputed when it comes to food delivery companies. Like its competitor food delivery companies, Grubhub also launched a subscription system where its subscribers get their order delivered at a $0 delivery fee along with other membership perks. The subscribers need to a monthly fee of $9.99. Now to assess if the membership is worthy or not, you need to check the number of times you order from Grubhub and the total amount you spend on delivery fees per month.  If you catch yourself spending more than $9.99 for delivery fees each month then Grubhub+ is worth it.

Benefits of Grubhub+ subscription:

  • There is no limit on your orders. You can order as many times as you want every month, and you won’t be charged any delivery fee. 
  • Elite Care customer care teams for priority help are available to VIP members.
  • Subscribers can get access to several membership perks other than the $0 delivery fee, super deals, and local events.

Ordering and getting your food delivered at your doorstep has been a piece of cake with the advent of the food delivery service. However, it can be a bit of a problem when it comes to ordering cigarettes. You can order food, beverages, and other essential items of your choice from any restaurant and convenience store that has partnered with Grubhub. What you cannot do is that you cannot order tobacco-containing items like vapes, and cigarettes from Grubhub. Many convenience stores have partnerships with Grubhub so if you order from there you can get your items delivered. But unfortunately, Grubhub won’t deliver your cigarettes because of some legalities and health concerns. Usually, these food delivery companies avoid delivering tobacco because if any problem arises, they would have to face strict punishment. That is why to keep it simple, they focus on delivering food items and essentials only. Although Grubhub has no plan to take up tobacco delivery, it might change in the future as tobacco delivery service is not illegal. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Grubhub only for food delivery?

The answer would be a straight NO. Grubhub does NOT only deliver food items and beverages from restaurants. It also has tie-up with convenience stores around you like the 7-11 and Circle K. You can order essentials from these stores via Grubhub. Grubhub will deliver those to you. 

  1. Is it illegal to buy tobacco online?

Buying cigarettes is not illegal or punishable by law. But due to some reasons, the food delivery apps do not take tobacco orders online. One of them being the legalities imposed on the delivery of tobacco. 

  1. Is cigarette delivery prohibited at hospitals?

There are some places where ordering tobacco and alcohol is prohibited. You cannot get any tobacco-containing items or alcohol delivered to educational institutions, hospitals, sports venues, prisons, or other companies selling tobacco.

Does Grubhub Deliver Cigarettes?

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