RCN Compatible Modems – Know more

Want to access the best internet service? The Residential Communications Network (RCN Corporation) is the most efficient American service provider. It delivers bundled cable television,  digital telephone, and high-speed internet service to a large number of consumers in New York, Boston, Washington D.C, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Los Angeles. In this article we shall talk about RCN Compatible Modems.

RCN Compatible Modems

To attain the full advantage of the high-speed internet facility, you need to ensure the usage of a powerful modem approved by RCN. 

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The most recommended Astound Broadband powered by RCN-approved modems is equipped with the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology. The best RCN Compatible modems are : 

  • Arris Surfboard SB8200
  • Netgear CM2000
  • Netgear CM600 
  • Motorola MG8702
  • Netgear CAX80
  • Motorola MG7700 
  • ASUS CM – 32

Criteria for Compatibility

Various criteria have been specified to ensure that the modem is compatible with RCN. The following requisites are essential for compatibility:

  • DOCSIS 3.0 or DOCSIS 3.1 technology.
  • At least 16 downstream channels
  • Customers availing fibre- to- the home or Ethernet-delivered service should use an Astound Broadband internet device. 

It is necessary to check before purchasing whether the modem you have chosen is actually compatible with your ISP. The task is very simple. It just requires you to browse the official website of your internet service provider and read a list of supported devices. Lists for Comcast, WOW, Cox, Mediacom, and Suddenlink can be found.

 In case it is not possible to choose between ISPs, check whether the modem is compatible with all the available ISPs. This will make it more convenient for you to switch between internet service providers, if necessary. 

Top 7 RCN Compatible Modems

  1. ARRIS Surfboard SB8200 

(Editor’s Choice – Cable Modem)

This is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem for any CRN customer with internet plans up to 2000 Mbps and a warranty of 2 years. The speed is very fast due to a special feature known as Port Bonding which allows you to conjoin two Ethernet ports into a single data stream with a complete capacity of 2000 Mbps. 

  1. Netgear CM2000 

(Best Performer – Cable Modem)

This is a more improvised, faster, and future-proof version of the SB8200. This modem comprises a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port and is hence compatible with 2500 Mbps internet plans. It has a 1-year warranty. 

  1. Netgear CM600 

(Budget-Friendly – Cable Modem)

This is a fast and affordable modem, highly recommended for internet plans below 330 Mbps. However, it is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem with 24×8 channels. 

  1. Motorola MG8702 

(Best value – Modem/Router Combo)

If you have internet plans with RCN 500 Mbps or below, this Wi-Fi 5 router is a good option for you. It provides fast internet and good coverage, however, the interface is slow and impractical to use, posing some drawbacks of this router. 

  1. Netgear CAX80

(Best Performer – Modem /Router Combo)

This modem provides the best combo with RCN’s Gigabit plan of 940 Mbps. It can be used efficiently by a family of 8 or more people with a coverage of 90-100 feet. This DOCSIS 3.1 router has a warranty of one year.

  1. Motorola MG7700

(Budget-Friendly – Modem/Router Combo)

If you have an internet plan of 330 Mbps, this is the best RCN modem/router combo. It delivers high-speed internet at a low cost with a coverage of 80-90 feet. 

  1. ASUS CM – 32

(Strong Performance – Modem/Router Combo)

This modem has a rapid internet speed of as much as 1.3 Gbps. The technology is DOCSIS 3.0 and has a strong channel bonding support. 

How Do I Choose The Best RCN Compatible Modem?

Reviewing cable modems is a tricky and tedious task as no one knows whether low speeds and connection issues are caused by the modem or ISP. Since it is almost impossible to check whether a modem works with every ISP, you can only rely on reviews regarding its proper working for most of the users.

It is up to the consumer to decide which modem suits them best according to their needs and requirements. Few criteria can help the users choose easily. 

Network Compatibility

As mentioned above, by following the procedure to choose the modem compatible with your ISP, you can determine which modem is the best for you. 


The average warranty for numerous RCN-compatible modems is 1 to 2 years, allowing you to replace them if anything goes wrong. 

While buying a modem, it is necessary to make sure that it has a warranty since you would not be able to use a warranty provided by your ISP if your device stops functioning smoothly. 


Modems supporting DICSOS 3.0 and compatible with most ISPs come with a set of excellent features that have the highest speeds. Such modems usually cost around $60 – $80. Further, the modems supporting Gigabit speeds cost $150 – $250. 


RCN offers plenty of routers and modems with its own unique features. We have seen the pros and cons of each, along with the criteria one needs to keep in mind while selecting the right and compatible modem. Hopefully, this article will help you to choose wisely. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is it Better to Buy or Rent Routers From RCN?

Usually, it is not advisable to rent a CRN router, especially when it is not providing an upgraded internet speed. Although RCN offers to rent the modem to its consumers and at the beginning it may seem to be cheaper, it proves to be costly in the long run. Hence, it is better to buy one’s own router that comprises all the top-notch features. 

RCN Compatible Modems – Know more

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