Prime Video Subtitles Not Working

All about prime video

Prime video is the type of OTT streaming platform on which different series or movies of different genres are present. One can easily get access to the prime videos app by downloading it from the Google play store. After downloading the app one has to pay for a subscription for getting access to all the movies and series which are present on this over-the-top platform. This app has the films and series produced by amazon studios and MGM holdings or Amazon originals, some other providers can be live sports events etc. Let us know ‘Prime Video Subtitles Not Working’.

Prime Video Subtitles Not Working

Prime Video Subtitles Not Working

If a person is living in a country like the United States, United Kingdom, or Germany then they can have access to the prime videos without having a full subscription but if someone is living in the countries like India, Canada, France, Australia, turkey, etc. then they can only get access when they have download the app from the true website. 

In September 2007 it was launched as Amazon unbox after some time it was renamed amazon instant video. Also after December 14, 2016, this prime video platform was launched worldwide which made its appearance to all over the world beyond the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. Now the prime video is available worldwide except for mainland China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Syria.

Headquarters of the prime video is present in Seattle, Washington, United States. The owner of the prime video is amazon. This industry is basically for entertainment purposes and mass media. Currently, there are 175 million users of prime video all over the world. Prime video is a platform where a person can watch movies, TV shows, amazon originals also live events. One can watch the movies and TV shows in HDR, 4k Ultra HD, and also mobile downloads for those people who want to watch movies offline after downloading them.

How to start watching shows on prime videos?

For getting into prime videos one has to download the app from the particular dedicated website then after that, they have to log in to an Amazon account or make the amazon account through the mail. After logging in one will buy the membership to get access to all the movies and series available on the prime video. After getting the membership one can start browsing it. One will love watching through prime video because it is very easily accessible to everyone except for the countries where it is not available in any form. 

Also, prime videos can satisfy different types of genres of different people because it has a. of titles available for kids to adults to old age people. Everyone can watch their titles according to their choice. Some movies are only available on prime videos which are very exclusive. One of the most exciting features of the prime videos is X-Ray. This feature gives viewers information about the cast, soundtracks, trivia and characters’ bios, etc. there is also a feature of clip sharing by which one can share highlights to his or her family and friends.

One can watch a particular movie and series in different languages available with that particular movie. Also, subtitles in different languages are available with the particular movie and series. As English is a universal language so most of the series and movies have English subtitles with it.

Reasons why subtitles on prime videos are not working

But the problem arises when the subtitles of the particular movie don’t work. There can be many reasons why prime video subtitles are not working. But also these can be fixed very easily.

  • The cache of the browser needs to be removed which can affect the subtitles.
  • A device needs to be restarted again.
  • Also sometimes this needs the updated version of the app
  • Sometimes they are in the settings from where the captions are closed.
  • Also, the reason can be that the particular movie doesn’t support the subtitle of the chosen language.

How to fix problem of the subtitles?

1: Sometimes the problem is very small and can be fixed easily.

2: First of all, check the subtitle settings. Check if the option of the subtitle is on or off. if it is off then on it from the settings. 

3: Also after this check whether the closed captioning is on or off. 

4: Also when sometimes the subtitles on prime videos are not working then one should also try restarting the app on their particular device. 

5: Also one can try clearing some old cache which can sometimes fix the problem of subtitles. Cache will also be good for the memory of the device.

6: Also if the prime video subtitles are creating the problem then one should check for the updates of the app. Sometimes the degraded version of the app doesn’t have the subtitles of the particular movie but it can be there in the updated version of the app.

7: One can find the option of the update by going into the app from where it is downloaded in the first place when searching for the app then will find the option of the update. From there one can update the app.

8: Also, try watching the same movie from a different device on prime video this can also help in fixing the subtitles of the movies or series.

9: Delete the watch history. This will delete the preference of the previous viewer and the new one can set the subtitle according to his or her choice.


This article says that one can easily have access to the prime videos and can watch the movies and series of his or her choice of genre. Also, this article tells about that how one can fix the problem related to subtitles when it is not working for the viewer. It can be so frustrating for the viewer if he or she wants the subtitle in the background and it is not working. There are solutions for that given in the article.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: A person can set the audio and subtitles in the same language?

A: yes one can have the audio and subtitle language in the same language if it is present with the movie or series.

Prime Video Subtitles Not Working

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