Does Amazon Prime Include Free Movies?

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Amazon prime is not only known for its lightning shipping feature but it has a lot of other key factors. Amazon prime is a wonderland and we are yet to explore the magic world. The vast growth of the amazon company is the world over. The features and perks of amazon prime are numerous and amazing. Now, let’s discover an important benefit of amazon prime.

Does Amazon Prime Include Free Movies

There are many we can’t point out just one still one of the most important perks of having an amazon prime membership is access to prime video. Accessing the platform for unlimited movies and dramas for free is the best part. You can watch all movies relaxing on your bed or sofa with some popcorn. Even if you don’t have to pay for the first month of membership you can access to free- trial for 30 days. Only if you are not a prime member for the past 12 months and you can only sign once in 12 months.

How to access the free trial:

The steps are really simple,

  1. Go to  Amazon Prime.
  2. Select the option to start a free trial on the page.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and access the prime free trial for 30 days.

There are some important notes to keep in mind while enrolling:

  • You should need a valid and current payment card to get the membership.
  • You will be automatically converted to a paid membership at the end of the free trial.

Before that, you can cancel the free trial if you want to.

After the enrolment, you will have free access to free 2-day shipping, free movies on prime video, free prime music, and free books.

You can even share your account by sharing access to other adults. It has several movies and tv shows which can be streamed online and you can even download them and view them offline. Do you want to know more features of the prime video?

Some of the benefits of watching movies on amazon prime:

For viewing offline you can download the movies and tv shows.

Never be tensed about what’s gone happen in the next episode of ‘the office’ while traveling, download the whole episode of the season by just clicking on the season download tile or you can download the particular episode you want to see. So never compromise your movie time with your work or traveling. Enjoy each moment.

The time limit of the download will completely depend upon the content and geographical restrictions will be always there to the contents. 

The x-ray option.

It’s not the X-ray you are thinking it’s completely different. You can access the behind-the-scenes factoids of the movies and tv shows through the x-ray option. This feature gives you the knowledge and fun facts while watching the movie.

So never miss this interesting feature while enjoying the movie.

You can create your cable subscriptions with amazon channels.

You can customize your channels by using the prime membership on prime video in the app. There also you can take free trial access to the channels.

The accessibility features.

The prime video consists of features like audio descriptions, subtitles, and audio changing. The limit of these features depends upon the device you are using. Completely utilize these features.

You can improvise your video recommendation.

Rate the movies you watch on prime. go to your watch history and rate the movies you have watched to date, and increase your favorites.

So never miss these features always enjoy the movie with all enthusiasm.

Now if you want to have access to the paid membership directly without a trial period, the charges are as follows;

  • Monthly: $14.99
  • Yearly: $139

Earlier the fares were $12.99 monthly and $119 yearly recently the company has increased its rates.

 There is currently a new plan included for the students the amazon prime student membership. the charge is the low scale and beneficial. the price ranges are;

  • Monthly: $7.49
  • Yearly: $69

Even the prime students have many benefits like fast and free delivery, free music, books, and movies, and the most important benefit is the 6-month free trial but applicable to only new members.

The terms and conditions for prime student membership are:

Should be located in the appropriate geographical area. There are certain geographical restrictions which you can encounter on the amazon prime website.

You should be aged 18 and above.

Applicable to only students in higher educational institutions infamous institutions in geographical areas. Manly students pursuing graduation and post-graduation.

You should be able to provide the enrolment id when proof is a must procedure to ensure that no false information and identity is provided. if such a case is found they terminate your prime account.

There are even special discounts on charges for a category of customers too. such as if you have an EBT card or other government assistance documentation you maybe even eligible for a discount rate of approximately $5.99 per month and a 30-day free trial. So don’t feel bad if you are not a student. There are even plenty of special offers available seasonally.

Haven’t taken a prime membership yet what are you waiting for grab your phone or pc and log in now, the sooner the better. watch unlimited movies for free.

(Note: The above-mentioned prices were accurate while the publication of the article might change later.)


Does Amazon Prime Include Free Movies?

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