McDonald’s Senior Coffee Discounts -Know More About It

Mcdonald’s is no stranger to us. It’s been with us during our breakups, after parties, birthday parties or just a Friday night. They have been filling our pockets even when we as students have been broke and they have been enlightening us with their delicious sauces and assorted buns. Let us know about “McDonald’s Senior Coffee Discounts”

McDonalds Senior Coffee Discounts

But one thing that fills your nostrils with joy is their Coffees. The amount of delight they fill in your lungs is outwardly and there is a reason for it. Which we shall discover and observe in this article.

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Senior Coffee Discounts

Being old has its benefits. McDonald’s provides a discount on their coffee and other beverages to people who are 55 years of age or above. 

Coffee is a basic need for anyone and as we get older, the amount of caffeine we require skyrockets. According to the study, people spend thousands of dollars on their morning coffee. Whether it’s a morning run to work, preschool shift, or night shift whatever it is. Coffee is survival.

A coffee at McDonald’s costs roughly around a dollar to a dollar and 15 cents. But the senior citizens tend to get it for 65 to 86 cents. This even extends to some other beverages and soft drinks as well. But to some others, it goes around to having a minimum purchase to get a certain beverage free. Which is just another marketing tactic to make more sales. Check according to what your store is offering.

What Is The Age To Get The Discount?

Now as discussed above the age at which one can get a discount is 55 or above. However, if you tend to fall 2-3 years shorter, that doesn’t mean you can’t qualify yourself for the discounts. Some stores tend to stretch out the age limit by a couple of years. Something which you would want to check at the counter or even have a chat with the store manager. They can guide you through anything you might have doubts about.

What About The Students?

The bad news is that they don’t offer a free coffee or a certain type of discount for the same. However, these little ones can get a burger or a certain type of beverage that is popular for the day or maybe even a flurry. It all depends on the policies the particular store is following. 

One key is that you can download the app and get yourselves updates on their offers and discounts. One more thing you can do is sign up for their mailbox and receive daily updates. They also have something special on Mother’s and Women’s day so make sure to be ahead on it.

Other Perks And Benefits

McDonald’s doesn’t have one discount center. Except for the app and mailbox incentives. They also provide certain kinds of card systems. Much like Starbucks. Not exactly like Starbucks because Starbucks tend to have a very strong membership system and they make full use of it. McDonald’s also has card systems. One of them is to buy 4 or 6 lattes from us and get the next 6 on us. 

Now they might be different in different stores with some other policies and expiration dates. Speaking to your local store can get you more through with it.

One can even head to their official website to get yourself registered and see the other steps to be followed.

So have your little smile and enjoy that caffeine!


Now we have learnt “McDonald’s Senior Coffee Discounts”, McDonald’s is more than just hamburgers and flurries. It is more like a memory to most of us. A burger after a game night or fries for our first movie date. It has received so much significance since the time it first came out. It also is a huge example to show QSR (Quick Service Restaurants). It also provides great discounts to senior citizens. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1- What if I don’t like Coffee? Can I opt for something else?

This depends on the store. Something which you can research about prior. Because certain stores provide a substitute, such as an iced tea or flurry or even a cooler. So, ask your store and get to know their policies.

Question 2- My Store is not Offering this. What should I do?

Mostly all McDonald’s have been following this practice with a few slight changes. If they don’t tend to give you the discount, ask them the reason and if still there is an issue, you can even report a particular store for not following these practices, unless there is a genuine reason involved.

McDonald’s Senior Coffee Discounts -Know More About It

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