Side Hustles For Men -Know More About It

Being able to call yourself a man means knowing how to handle the bills ranging from groceries to rent and everything in between but sometimes these bills become overwhelming and create the need for a side hustle. Let us know about “Side Hustles For Men”

Side Hustles For Men

There are tons of side hustles out there and finding the right one can help boost your finances making you worry less when it comes to bills or payments.

This article will be listing the best side hustles that will aid achieve your financial goals.

Surely, there’ll be something here that will suit you well.

Best side hustles for men

Listed below are some of the best side hustles for men, you can try a few of them out to find that which suits you.

Take Surveys

A quick and easy way to make extra cash is by answering surveys.

Many survey sites offer welcome bonuses to new users, in the form of cash, ranging from $5 to $30, depending on the site you are using.

While it’s impossible to get rich by taking surveys, it sure is a great way to convert a few minutes into extra cash.

Some great survey sites include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, Pinecone Research, and more.

Start A Blog

This is one side hustle that you shouldn’t expect to start making money overnight or immediately.

Setting up a profitable blog takes time but when it has been set up and running, it can be a superb way of making money.

You can monetize your blog through various ways like displaying ads, affiliate marketing, and selling courses and products among others. 

The process of starting a blog goes thus:

  • Deciding on what kind of blog it should be
  • Get a domain name and hosting for the site
  • Plan and create content for your blog. Do make sure to be as unique and creative as possible.
  • After publishing a post, you will need to promote it.
  • Market and create traffic for your blog. You can make use of SEO if that’s what you prefer.
  • Continue to build your blog to perfection

Although blogging may not be a fast way of getting money, as long as you bear your motive in mind—which is to make extra cash and not just for fun, you’ll be making money in no time.

Start A Podcast

Perhaps you’re not a writing person, no worries, you can still make money with your words.

 This is a great side hustle that allows you to make money by holding and discussing topics whilst sharing your ideas and takes.

To begin your podcast, you may need equipment like a studio mic and audio editing software.

 Similar to blogging, podcasting might take time to create and market your content to listeners but this is worth it by the time the money starts rolling in.

Start A YouTube Channel

Who doesn’t use YouTube?

With the population of people going in and out of YouTube to stream content, you can benefit by converting that population into cash.

 Do note that you will have to reach a specific level of subscribers and viewed hours to start earning on YouTube

Equipment needed to start a (good) YouTube channel includes a video camera and mic with high quality.

 You can create literally any kind of content on YouTube and still make your money but YouTube, like every other content creation side hustle, requires time, patience, and effort.

 Social Media Influencing

If you have a lot of people following you on social media, you can make money by working with brands and posting their affiliate links to get commissions for each click or sale you get, depending on your contract.

 This can help you link with the brands of your current job.

 Renting Your Room

If you have a spare room or barely use yours, you can rent it to earn as much as $500 per month.

 This is an excellent side hustle to consider but it also has some factors affecting it which include location, size, and appearance.

If you don’t have anyone to rent out your room to, you can list it on Airbnb.

Renting Out Your Car

So maybe you don’t have a room but a car to spare or you have not really been using your vehicle.

You can use your vehicle to earn passive income via companies like Getaround and Turo, similar to Airbnb but in this case, for cars.

Rideshare Driving

If you don’t like the idea of another person driving your vehicle, you can drive it yourself and still be making money.

Ride-hailing services such as Uber or Lyft pay individuals for ride-sharing. As long as you have a car that meets the company’s requirements and can drive, you can be making as much as $25.

The best part of this side hustle is that you control your work schedule.

Other side hustles for men

  • Voice-Overs
  • Publish books
  • Sell stock photos
  • Become a pet sitter
  • Become a delivery driver
  • Online Teaching and Courses
  • Freelancing
  • Working in Carpentry 
  • Invest in Real Estate 
  • Invest in Stocks
  • Invest in Cryptocurrency

Platforms to earn extra cash

While there are jobs that fetch extra income, there are also platforms that pay for:

  • Performing tasks like Swagbucks
  • Watching videos like InboxDollars
  • Shopping like Rakuten and Dosh
  • Taking photos of receipts like Ibotta
  • Downloading and playing games like Mistplay


There are tons of side hustles out there for you, all you have to do is find the one which you resonate with more.

While some side hustles pay more for a little amount of time, some require dedication and time and you know some of them.

Side Hustles For Men -Know More About It

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