How Much Do Unusual Pets Cost?

Keeping household pets in any family means having a new baby that will bring lots of happiness and enjoyment to its members. Animals and people both share a long association of friendship and survival. Food, shelter, and all other common natural resources; are equally shared by animals and humans. Let us know ‘How Much Do Unusual Pets Cost?’.

How Much Do Unusual Pets Cost?

How Much Do Unusual Pets Cost?

The cost of bringing exotic pets to your home is thousands of dollars, unlike usual cats and dogs. To buy and raise a `the beaten path pet means its one-day expenses of care, food and maintenance will cost of unusual pets more+ than usual pets, like for example, the starting cost of the kitten lies between $1,500-$2,000. 

Cost of Keeping Different Exotic Pets:

(1). Ayan Cemani Chicken: Also known as the Ferrari of chickens, this breed of chicken is only possessed by a wealthy segment of society owing to its overprice. This variety of chickens was first seen in India, all organs are black, including feathers to their beaks, and even their bones are black. For $5000, these chickens are being sold, as male and female pairs. This chicken is considered a legend in Indonesia, and they are also sacrificed before elections or construction projects because they are also considered a sign of good luck. According to a rough estimation, they are 3,500 total in number. Although their purchase price is very high afterwards, their maintenance cost is comparable with ordinary pets.

(2) Stag Beetle: These are currently existing in Japan. Despite their miniature size, they still look majestic and ferocious owing to their large antlers and mandibles. Because of the app, they possess stunning features and beauty. The beetles are worth of$8,900. They are up to 12cm long and can grow, but usually, they top out at 5cm. their prominent horns make them entertaining warriors. In Japan, they can be seen in live TV fights moreover they can bet on the winner. For their survival and maintenance needed, the need for a glass tank having a natural environment and soft fruit or some sap is all they need to fulfil their nutritional values.

(3) Macaw’s MacawsMacaws can live up to 75 years, their diet is based on costly bird feed, fruits and vegetables. They are high-maintenance pets because they need high humidity, ultraviolet light around the year and warm surroundings. Macaw Macaws are very talkative creatures, and they make a lot of noise until you train them to talk properly it will be very hard to keep them in your place. A decent size cage and lots of TLC are needed to keep a Macaw happy. They are very possessive and they need lots of attention if you ignore them like a human being they go wild and can damage their surroundings.

(4) Monkeys: Depending upon the species, Monkeys can stay with the owner for up to 35 years; they are massive in size and can weigh around about 45 pounds. Like human beings: monkeys also eat vegetables, proteins, fruits, nuts and bread. Your grocery bill might increase because you must be buying all these things for your monkey. Like toddlers, sometimes monkeys also become picky eaters. Another hidden cost of owing monkeys is to keep their surroundings, they have lots of odour throw their faeces and urinate everywhere. So you have to buy extra cleaning items.

(5) Exotic Cats:  Tigers, Lions and Bobcats are included in this category .approximately 20 years or more these exotic species can live and these bonds are long and very costly. To build a spacious and secure place for lions, you must keep your budget high moreover their feed is also comprised of expensive items. The initial cost of purchasing a kitten is between $1,500-$2,000. Bobcats or servals are somewhat cheaper than others. Different laws related to “endangered cats” are applicable if there is any violation so if you are thinking to buy any of them you must follow the legal requirements which add extra cost.

(6) Alligator: in some states of the world it is legal to own an alligator as a pet. In North California, Alabama, South Carolina, and Wisconsin areas, there is no need to acquire any permit or license. Between the price range of $149-$169, you can buy a baby alligator. Keeping an alligator is very costly; they eat almost one-quarter of their body weight. They eat Fish, Crawfish, and some insects.

(7) Others: Other unusual pets include Boa Constrictor, Capybara, Cougar, Hedgehog, Llama, Capybara, Red Arowana, De Brazza Monkey, Savannah Cats, and Toucan; all mentioned pets require proper shelter, food, and cleaning products that make them very expensive to keep in.


Having a pet means having a best friend with whom you can walk, play, dance and share your thoughts. Cats, dogs, and fish are very easy to keep in, but when we talk about distinct pets, there are several things to be kept in mind. Specially designed cages, wildlife department-approved feed, vaccination costs, and cleaning agents; all make them very expensive. Alligators, Monkeys, Exotic cats etc., are unusual pets. How much distinct pets cost depends upon numerous factors other than the mentioned ones like legal process, import costs, travel etc.


Q1: What is the cost of petting an Alligator? 

Ans: An average cost of petting alligators is around 500 USD per month. 

Q2: What is the most expensive and exotic pet to have?

Ans: Stag Beetles are the most expensive on the list as they cost you around 8900 USD. 

Q3: Can we pet Exotic cats? 

Ans: Yes, anyone can but with the most care. 

How Much Do Unusual Pets Cost?

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