What Are The U.S. Bank Routing Numbers In California?

A routing number is a nine-digit code created by the American Bankers Association (ABA). Financial institutions use this code to identify one another during financial transactions. This code was adopted to make financial transactions safe, more efficient, and faster. Every bank has special routing numbers, which commonly vary based on location, so every account owner should pay attention to their bank’s routing numbers. Let’s see ‘What Are The U.S Bank Routing Numbers In California?’.

What Are The U.S. Bank Routing Numbers In California?

There are two routing numbers for U.S. Bank in California. 121122676 is the routing number for U.S. Bank in Northern California, and 122235821 is the routing number for U.S. Bank in Southern California. The location you opened your account will tell which routing number you should use.

How To Find The Correct U.S. Bank Routing Number For You?

If you didn’t open an account with U.S. Bank in California, you could find your actual routing number using multiple ways.

The U.S. Bank Mobile App

Log in to the app and select the account you are concerned with. Click on Account options and then, select Account information. There, you’ll find the final four numbers of your account, which is a link to your routing number. The mobile application also has a voice control function called U.S. Bank Smart Assistant™. You can give a voice command to find your routing number.

Online Banking

Log into online banking and choose the account that you want to find its routing number. At the top box, you’ll find your account username, the routing number, and the last four figures of your account number.

Your Checkbook

You can easily find your routing number if you have a checkbook from U.S. Bank. On each check, you’ll find a nine-digit code printed at the button left corner. This is your routing number.

Monthly Statement

On your monthly statement, you’ll find your routing number in the upper right corner.

The U.S. Bank Routing Number Directory

U.S. bank has a directory that contains all its routing numbers based on location. You can look for the location you opened your account, and you’ll find your routing number. The directory is available on the U.S. Bank website.

Wire Transfer Number For U.S. Bank

You use your routing number during domestic transactions, but international transactions are different. If a person outside the country is wiring you money, you need a SWIFT code. A SWIFT code is like a routing number. It tells the branch, bank, and country during international transactions. USBKUS44IMT is the SWIFT code U.S. Bank uses.

Routing Numbers For ACH Transfers

An ACH transfer is an electronic transfer from one bank to another, processed by the Automated Clearing House Network. ACH transfers can be used for money transfers and direct deposits of paychecks. Your ACH routing digit and your usual routing number are the same. In the U.S. Bank in California, the routing numbers for ACH transfers are 121122676 and 122235821 for Northern California and Southern California, respectively.

When Do You Need A Routing Number?

Every time you make financial transactions in the United States, financial institutions put your routing number to use. You’ll need to provide it for direct deposits, making wire transfers, and paying bills online. Also, your routing number will be useful when you make ACH transfers, tax payments, and file for tax refunds. You don’t need a routing number during purchases with credit or debit cards.

What Are The Problems Of Using A Wrong Routing Number?

In most cases, when you input the wrong routing number, your payment will be rejected and the money sent back to you without the fees. In the worst-case scenario, your money will be sent to the wrong destination.


The routing number for U.S. Bank in California is either 121122676 or 122235821. If you didn’t open an account in U.S. Bank in California, you can’t use these routing numbers as yours. Your routing number remains the same even if you change residencies. Know the right routing numbers to prevent problems with financial transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the ABA number and routing number different?

They are not. ABA number is another name for routing number.

  • Does the routing number of banks change?

Yes. Bank routing numbers only change when there is a merger or acquisition. Because of the problems that come with changes, the former routing numbers are kept in use for a long time until customers adapt.

  • When did routing numbers come into existence?

Routing numbers were introduced in 1910 by the ABA. Then the purpose of routing numbers was to identify financial institutions accountable for making specific payments.

  • What happens when you use an inaccurate routing number to file for a tax refund?
  • If you use the wrong routing number to file for a tax refund, the direct deposit will be rejected by banks. Then, the IRS will send you a paper check instead. 
What Are The U.S. Bank Routing Numbers In California?

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