Does Stanley Steemer Clean Tile Showers?

Cleaning bathroom tiles can be a pain. The dirt is often stuck between the grooves of the tiles in such a way that sponges fail to remove it. You have to scrub and scrub, and still, some irksome specks of dirt will just not come out. Luckily, you have the support of Stanley Steemer. Stanley Steemer is a renowned cleaning company with 488 million dollars in sales within a the year 2020. From cleaning carpets to air ducts and even furniture, Stanley Steemer has got you covered. Here we will see about Does Stanley Steemer Clean Tile Showers?

Stanley Steemer offers their services to clean tile showers. They use advanced technologies, including cleaning agents, professional cleaners, pressurized water jets, and more. They try to ensure to clean the slime and dirt from your bathroom tiles in a way that once they are done, the tiles look as good as new. The prices for this service vary greatly, depending on the room that needs to be serviced. For apartments on or above the 3rd floor, portable cleaning units are used. It is not practical to carry heavy machinery to such heights.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Tile Showers?

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Tile Showers?


Cleaning tiles in a simple bath or laundry should cost around $30. For staicases, the rate rises to approximately $99. For the application of a seal in a bath or laundry, Stanley Steemer charges $15. For a room, this price jumps to $50. The prices mentioned here are a rough estimate of the cost that Stanley Steemer charges for specific tasks. This could vary depending on multiple factors.


The first thing the representatives of the company do when cleaning a bathroom floor is to analyze the floor, inspect it for the amount of work it needs, and note what cleaning agents would do the job best. Different cleaning agents have various ingredients and are made for different purposes. Some could harm the tiling in some houses. Therefore, the Employees at Stanley Steemer need to be very careful to ensure this does not happen.

Next, the workers devise a plan of action and take out their advanced steam cleaners. These cleaners have high-pressure water jets and vacuums to pull apart and suck the dirt from the gaps between the tiles and the pores in the ground. After this process, the Stanley Steemer worker will assess the situation of the tiles. If they feel the need, they will use the cleaning wand. This wand is effective and can give your floor a new look.


Once the cleaning process has been completed, the representatives of Stanley Steemer will give one check to ensure the floor is clean, and then they will apply a clear or colored sealant. After completing this coating, the bathroom flooring should look like it did when it was new.

The sealant is a very useful tool as it protects the grout and tiles from permanent stains and spills. When a coating of sealant is applied, it soaks into the surface of the grout and makes a barrier between the grout and the external environment. It also helps give good results when cleaning the tiles in the future.

There are two types of sealants. One is the clear sealant, whose function is to provide a protective layer on the surface of the grout. The second type of sealant is the colored one. This sealant does two tasks simultaneously. Firstly it provides a coat on the tiles to prevent permanent stains. Secondly, it covers up any permenant blemishes or spills from the past that which can not be cleaned using normal cleaning techniques. Once the colored sealant is applied, the flooring gets a uniform color across. 


The process of cleaning a room that is approximately 300 square feet can take between 30 minutes to an hour. The time taken depends on numerous factors including the size of the tiles, the number of grout lines, and the toughness of the dirt and grime present. If you have asked for a sealant coating then the entire process can take up to 3 hours. It is also recommended not to use the bathroom within 30 minutes of applying the sealant as it requires time to dry out. Moreover, there should be no contact of the sealant with any liquid commodity for 24 hours after the application so it has time to settle completely.


You can prevent dirty tiles by cleaning them regularly. The accumulation of dirt over a long period can cause hard-to-remove spots. You should also abstain from using harsh chemicals to clean the grout as they can cause fading and can break the layer of sealant present on the floor.

To conclude, Stanley Steemer offers to do the mundane and difficult task of cleaning shower tiles. They use advanced mechanics to ensure that the flooring is clean and they also apply an optional layer of sealant to prevent further damage to the tiles.


Q)Should you get professional help to clean your shower tiles?

A)Getting professional help depends on the state of the tiles, your time commitments, and the amount you are willing to spend. If the tiles are not too dirty you can give them a try yourself. However, be warned not to use powerful anti-dirt cleaning agents as they may cause permanent harm.

Q)Does Steam Clean affect the grout lines?

A)Steam cleaning is an effective way to clean dirt from tiles and grout lines. It does not typically affect the Grout.

Q)Is the Clear sealant transparent?

A)You can see the color of the original tiles after applying a clear sealant so it is transparent. However, the colored sealant is not see-through. This is beneficial to hide permanent stains that can not be removed by cleaning.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Tile Showers?

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