Does Target Have Bottle Return All You Need To Know?

Target corporation is an American departmental store, and they are known to be the seventh largest retail store in the united states. This store is known as a general store that offers different merchandise like grocery items, health or cosmetic, clothing or shoes, electronics, and home items. Target works revolve around their commitment, and that is to greet their customers and bring ease, inspiration, and joy from just shopping with them. This commitment has been proving successful right from its establishment date till recently. However, does this commitment also extend to bottle returns? Does target even have a bottle return policy? What should you know about their bottle return? Answers to these questions will be explained in this article

Does Target Have Bottle Return All You Need To Know?

Yes, there is a bottle return policy at Target therefore, they offer a bottle return. Due to the versatility of Target corporation, it shouldn’t be far-fetched to consider returning your bottles at Target, and fortunately for you, record show that a lot of Target stores all over the united states is in tune with this policy. However, Target stores that can help in recycling bottles like empty cans, empty glasses, and empty bottles vary from location to location and from state to state. 

The price for each location and what you need to know about Target corporation when returning bottles will be discussed below.

How much does it cost to return bottles at Target?

There are two ways of returning your bottles at Target, it is either you choose to donate bottles for free to recycling companies that will appreciate your kind gesture without you receiving anything in return to you can choose to receive a small fee for every ounce of bottles you deposited at Target. If you choose to go for the latter, the bottle deposit fee varies according to the location and state of the consumer, and the rules & regulations that govern this policy according to the state’s law make the deposit fee to be called California Refund Value (CRV). This California refund value is the fees that were paid by consumers at first at their checkout stand before it is later refunded back to the consumers after the completion of the bottle recycling. 

A total amount of 5 cents for containers that are not up to 24 ounces and a total amount of 10 cents for containers that are 24 ounces and above is what you receive as a CRV according to the state’s law.

Which types of bottles are eligible for return at Target

Target corporation is one of the companies that has a kiosk beside their main store which is majorly set up for recycling different types of bottles. But what kind of bottles can be recycled in their kiosk? 

Target recycles bottles like beer and malt beverages, coffee and tea beverages, water, carbonated fruit drinks, soft drinks, non-carbonated fruit drinks, wine coolers, fruit juice, and vegetable juice bottles. Enter any Target stores that return bottles with any of the bottles listed above, and you will be amazed by how Swift they work

Bottles like food and non-beverage container, medical food, milk, wine, infant formula, spirits, and some other forms of inappropriate bottles will not be accepted at Target for bottle returns. In some states like California, you don’t have to go through the states of remembering which bottles can be recycled instead you will always find a small yellow or neon label on the containers that can be recycled. On this label, you are expected to find something like California redemption value, California cash refund, CA CRV,  CA Cash Refund, and all other things that resemble that.

How to return bottles at Target

To avoid being in delay when you go to Target store to return bottles, you are expected to be aware of the steps and process involved in the policy. Fortunately, there are no steps involved in returning bottles all you need to do is to check whether the Target store in your location allows bottle return (you can make use of the Target store locator for that). Another method is to make use of their customer support service to find out and after that, you can just work simply to the location and drop the bottles in the correct bins before entering the stores to receive your refund if you are interested. 

What other stores have bottle returns

In case the Target store in your area does not offer bottle return, or you are on a highway, and you need to return bottles then there are various options for you apart from Target, and they are Dollar General, Walmart, Walgreen, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, Home Depot, and every other store that sell all these bottle products


Yes, Target offer bottle return just like any other store that sell this bottle product in the first place. If you are now wondering whether there is a fee attached to their return policy or not then you will be pleased to know that as long as the bottle meets up with the standard of bottle return by the state law then you will be accredited a refund for every bottle you return at Target. The steps in returning and what type of bottles can be returned at Target have also been explained in this article.

Does Target Have Bottle Return All You Need To Know?

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