Does Old Navy Accept Afterpay Financing?

Old Navy is an American clothing brand. Old Navy is one of the biggest clothing companies in the world, and it provides different payment methods. Afterpay is an easy payment solution for customers to buy the product if the afterpay is amalgamated with the shop or company. Old Navy started accepting the payments of afterpay financing. On 21 May 2021, Old Navy allows the customer to pay with afterpay payment and started to accept the afterpay for selling the product. Old Navy accept other payment support like Master card, Zip payment, American express, banana republic Apple pay, and Gap. There are two methods to use afterpay to shop anything from Old Navy Brand. The customer can make online purchases and at Old Navy stores. Afterpay financing method makes it easy for the purchaser to get the product and then pay money in installments. The customer can purchase the product from Old Navy and can easily pay later in four installments every 2 weeks, and these installments are free of interest.

Does Old Navy Accept Afterpay Financing?

The information related to old navy accepting after and what is the procedure to pay using afterpay financing at Old Navy are; mentioned in this article.

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Old Navy Accept Afterpay Payment Method

Old Navy accepts the payments from Afterpay from last year. The Old Navy is a clothing company that is one of the most renowned clothing brands. The Old Navy brand is located in more than 1100 locations in the world. The Old Navy Company is working in the market for 28 years. Afterpay is the 7-year-old payment method. The payment method of Old Navy through Afterpay is explained in two types one is online, and the other is at the store. Here the process of purchasing the product through Afterpay on the online portal and at the store of Old Navy is; mentioned.

Online Shopping on Old Navy through Afterpay

  • While online shopping at Old Navy, customers can select afterpay method by clicking on the checkout button of Old Navy and selecting the afterpay payment method. The customer who is using afterpay payment for the first time needs to create an account first, and register by entering their payment method to purchase the product. 
  • If the customer has a personal afterpay financing account, then he or she can log in from their accounts and complete their shopping by checkout.
  • The customer can easily; sign up with their afterpay account at the moment of purchasing the product from Old Navy. There are no such lengthy requirements to fill out the forms for proceeding and purchasing the product at Old Navy.
  • The delivery time of the product that is purchased through afterpay payment method is the same as the timing of other products that are purchased through other payment methods.
  • After purchasing the product with the afterpay method, the customer needs to pay the pay payments in easy four installments need to pay every 2 weeks.

At old navy Store shopping through the Afterpay method

  • For making the onsite purchase, the customer needs to visit the store and then choose the product; that is required.
  • After getting the desired product, customers need to install the application of afterpay on their cell phones and need to create their accounts on afterpay.
  • After creating the account on afterpay, the customer needs to follow the instructions to activate the afterpay card and add that card to their digital wallet.
  • After performing these steps at the end, the customer needs to activate their afterpay card and make the payments through Google pay or Apple pay.

Limitations of the Afterpay payment method

There are certain things that customers should know before using the afterpay method to purchase. The limitations of afterpay are; mentioned below;

  • The afterpay doesn’t allow purchasing gift cards. 
  • The afterpay financing method is only for customers of the United States with the addresses of the United States and US contact numbers. The Afterpay payment is not for international customers having international addresses or phone numbers.
  • There is a limit to a single transaction on the afterpay payment method. The limit of the transaction is between 36$ and 1000$.
  • The customer can only use afterpay at Old Navy and Gap stores.

Other payment methods that are accepted by Old Navy

The other payments methods that are accepted by Old Navy Company are; mentioned below;

  • America Express.
  • Gap.
  • Options gift cards.
  • Master card.
  • Banana republic.
  • Athleta.


In this article, the complete information regarding the acceptance of the afterpay method by Old Navy Company is mentioned. They accepted the afterpay payment and mentioned it in their purchasing method. Old navy accept the afterpay on May 2021. And Customers are happy with this approval and use the afterpay method within the defined conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I missed my afterpay installments on time?

 If the customer cannot pay or miss the installments they need pay to extra charges, in face of late fees that will be applied to them.

How to create an Account on Afterpay?

The customer needs to install the application of the afterpay on their cell phones and then can create the account by adding the required details; also customer can check the method online.

Does Old Navy Accept Afterpay Financing?

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