Safeway Intercom Code Meaning – Know More

Ever been to a Safeway Store and witnessed codes being called out on large speakers? Ever wondered what those codes mean? It can get pretty strange being lost as codes are dished out. Those codes are for products, conducts, and other information regarding a customer and the establishment or staff. The Safeway Intercom Code are numbers used to signal the staff what is happening at the store. It is like a secret language for the staff of Safeway and is also used to keep people on alert for any reason. During specific situations, Safeway employees announce certain numbers over the Public Address System. These numbers alert the staff to a missing child, fire outbreak, shoplifting, and many other happenings.

Safeway Intercom Code Meaning - Know More

What is Safeway Intercom Code Green?

Code Green is used by several retailers to signify various things. Code green, at some retailers, denotes a product’s impending supply reduction. It is being used in this instance to remind staff to start restocking early.

Safeway started referring to hostage situations as Code Green.

This means that code green is shouted when someone is aiming a gun at people within the store, an employee, or a customer.

What is Safeway’s Code 201?

Code 201 just notifies a certain department in the shop about a phone call that needs their attention, unlike Code Green, which typically denotes great caution and concern. When this occurs, a store clerk yells, “Attention two zero one,” and the called-for department attends to the caller’s needs.

What is Safeway’s Code 202?

This code is used when a lot of departments have calls requesting their attention at the same time. Here, an employee announces, “Attention two-zero-two” and the needed departments get to work.

Also, Safeway Stores use code 201 to show that a certain department has a call waiting on them in line two.

What is Safeway’s Code for Shoplifting?

Since Safeway Stores do not allow its customers to know their codes, it is uncertain the particular code they use to indicate a case of shoplifting.

However, Code 200 is commonly used in stores including Target and Walmart so it is likely Safeway uses this exact code as well.

It’s either Code 200 or Code 100 that is announced when a shoplifter is caught or to alert the workers about a shoplifter.

What is Safeway’s, Code Adam?

Code Adam is very important in stores as children can get lost easily. So, Code Adam was originally invented in 1994 to find children that go missing within the store. It was invented by Walmart.

Once a child is reported missing within the store, the following actions are taken:

1. A thorough description of the missing child is taken note of by a store associate. The store associates sometimes specifically ask for the color and type of shoes the missing child is putting on. This is because, in the case of kidnap, the abductor might change the child’s clothes to give him or her a new appearance but is possibly not going to change the shoes. Hence, the shoes can be used to track the child.

2. Exits become shut and carefully monitored. No one comes in or leaves until the matter at hand gets taken care of.

3. Using their intercoms, a store associate announces a code Adam and goes further to use the description obtained to describe the missing child over the intercom. Once this is done, the other workers and employees can begin to walk around the store to look for the missing kid.

4. About ten minutes into the search and there’s no success, the local police are intimated on the happenings.

5. However, if the child is successfully found, he/she is returned to the parent or guardian he/she came to the store with.

6. If the child is then found with a person who is not their guardian or parent, the child is carefully taken away from the individual, and cautious steps are taken. The Police are often informed at this point as well, for them to take notice of the individual.

7. Once the safety of the child has been ensured, Code Adam gets called off and the usual activities return to normal in the store.

Does Safeway Use The Same Code as The Other Stores

There could be similarities between the codes used in Safeway and other stores like Walmart. However, it doesn’t mean that all stores use the same code. Every store must have a code unique to them. 


Safeway Stores use these intercom codes for a variety of reasons ranging from alerting about a missing child to medical emergencies to hostage situations and a whole lot others.

The staff and employees are not allowed to disclose these codes to the public but customers are advised to tread cautiously when an intercom code gets announced while they’re shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Are Safeway employees allowed to tell people about the intercom codes?

No, they’re not. The intercom codes stay strictly between Safeway management and their staff. The employees are not allowed to give out this information.

• What are customers advised to do when they hear the alert of any intercom code while shopping at Safeway?

Since most customers do not know what each of the codes stands for. At the alert of any, they are advised to remain calm but to be cautious.

• Do Safeway Stores use the same code as other stores?

Safeway stores share some of its codes with some other stores. For instance, it has Code Green and Code Adam in common with Walmart and Target.

Safeway Intercom Code Meaning – Know More

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