The Real Real Return Policy

RealReal is a renowned marketplace for sales of quality designer wears, bags, shoes, jewelry, artwork, and furniture. If you want a marketplace with a flexible policy that will allow you to buy and sell on their portal look no further RealReal has got you covered. RealReal operates an e-commerce store and an onsite store. All purchases and sales can be carried out on both platforms. If you are shopping or desire to become a merchant with RealReal you have to get conversant with its policy especially the returns policy for purchased items  in their marketplace.  RealReal gives its members and non-members a flexible return policy that allows the returns in 14 or 21 days. 

The Real Real Return Policy

RealReal Returns Policy Explained

Here are some of the policies that govern the return of articles on RealReal:

 1.  All Items that are bought in the store offline are to be processed for returns on the store where the purchase was made 21 days from the date it was bought. 

 2. Cashback and nonmember returns can only be made in the store and not online.

 3. All items that are bought on the e-commerce platform can be returned14 days from the day it was shipped.

 4. All items that fail to arrive at the RealReal store in 21 days of initiating a return will not be accepted. Such items will be returned to the customer or kept as a consignment.

 5. Items that are returned without the security label will not be accepted.

 6. To initiate a return, you must request and receive the RMA number.

 7. To return artworks, oversized items or furniture send an email to customer service within 14 days of taking delivery of the article. You will bear the return cost for these items.

Items Excluded From RealReal Returns Policy

In the Real Real marketplace, there are a few articles that have been excluded from returns after shopping. The items include all beauty products, swim wears, luggage, and handbags. RealReal has a no-return policy for goods that were bought during discount sales that are worth up to 40% off the actual price and items that are on the final sale.

How To Process Returns On RealReal?

All goods can be returned through the channel they were bought. If you placed an order in the marketplace online, the following guidelines will guide your return process.

 1. Log in to your portal

 2. Click on the My Account tab and choose My Purchase. 

 3. Look through your order list to select the order number of the article you want to return.

 4. Click on the return tab.

 5. Follow the instructions to fill out the form with accurate details about your item.

 6. A confirmation screen will pop up showing your Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA). Copy and enter the number.

 7. An email will be sent to you with your shopping label to confirm. Follow the instructions in the email to complete your proposal.

 8. You will be charged a service fee of about 13 USD if your proposal is approved.

For in-store purchases, visit the store where you bought the articles to make a return. If you accept it approved a restocking fee of about 7 USD.


After reading this article, it’s believed that you have gained deep insight into the RealReal returns policy. RealReal has a simple returns policy that is processed within 14 days of receiving an article either through online or onsite purchases. Their return policy does not allow for the return of articles that are without the security label or fail to reach them within 21 days of initiating the request. RealReal does not allow returns for all items, to know more, visit the store or website to know the items that are available for returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my order when a return has been made?

If you initiated the returns on the website, the My Purchase tab has all the necessary information about your order.

How long does it take to make a refund after a return?

Refunds are processed instantly for all articles paid for through the RealReal gift card and site credit. Payments made with a credit card or through physical money take 5 to 7 working days to be refunded. 

All refunds are made based on the local currency and the rate used for paying for your articles.

My promotional site credit had expired before I initiated a return will I lose my site credit?

If you made payments with the site credit during your order, you can still initiate a return without losing your site credit. All returns made after the expiration of the site credit are given a three-day window period to use the returned site credit for the purchase or lose it.

The Real Real Return Policy

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