What Time Does USPS Deliver? 

The United States Postal Service(USPS) is a postal service that manages and controls everything relating to the delivery of mail and packages to customers. As a mailbox owner, it is often expected that before 5 pm the mail or package that was sent to you should have been delivered only to find out that it is not there. Is there any possibility that before 8 pm the mail will be delivered? Are you wondering if the USPS can deliver it at night or late hours? As of 2022, the United States Postal Service does deliver mail at night but it is on rare occasions. The night delivery can span from 6 pm to 10 pm in the night and might take longer. This is not a common thing to happen but it does happen once in a while due to various reasons either because of the mailer’s fault or unfavorable weather. According to the USPS policy, all mail delivery should end latest by 5 pm but it doesn’t always work that way. Keep reading to know about “What Time Does USPS Deliver?” This article has everything you need to know about the latest time it will take the United States Postal Service to deliver mail. Scroll down the paragraphs below for further details.

What Time Does USPS Deliver? 

When is the United States Postal Service delivery time?

The normal working hours of the USPS are from 9 am to 5 pm, it is expected that before 5 pm all mail and packages should be delivered to the respective mailboxes and houses. The USPS works from Monday through to Saturday except on Sunday, which is a free day. Only Priority Mail Express® mailpieces get delivered on Sundays. 

From 9 am you can start receiving your package from the postal workers but on Saturday, most packages get delivered by 2 pm and sometimes spans into the night and can be delivered as late as 7 pm. 

Having known that 5 pm is the standard latest delivery time, there are scenarios where deliveries can be delayed on rare occasions as a result of unforeseen circumstances such as;

• Roadblocks

• Heavy traffic

• Severe weather especially during the snow season

• Faulty vehicle

• Staffing fluctuations that are shortage of staff

•  Natural disasters

• Changes in a carrier route. 

This unforeseen circumstance sometimes occurs and can make deliveries to be late and deliver at night, however, this does not mean that your delivery is now slated for nighttime. Immediately after the crisis gets resolved and rectified, the delivery will be rescheduled back to the normal time.

What time does USPS stop delivery?

According to the USPS, ” All deliveries should be delivered by 5 pm local time Monday through to Saturday. 

However, this is not always the case because of emergency and unforeseen circumstances that can occur which delays mail delivery. On rare occasions, the USPS can deliver until 10 pm, this is the latest unofficial time for delivery. 

Although it is not a regular occurrence for mail and deliveries to be delivered at night, it is most times not the fault of the postal worker. 

When does USPS deliver packages?

The time the USPS delivers packages depends so much on the type of mail class your delivery or mail belongs to. Before you conclude that your package is missing or lost, endeavor to check the mail class you chose and the delivery standard for it.

The delivery time differs from one mail class to another, the time a mailpiece is delivered depends on the class of mail being used and the time it was mailed. 

Below is the chart containing the delivery standard for the types of mail classes available.

                      Mail Class              Delivery standard (not guaranteed)
              First-Class Mail                        1-5 business days
        First-Class Package Service                        1-5 business days
                Priority Mail                      1-3 business days
            Priority Mail Express                        1-2 calendar days
      USPS Retail Ground & Package Services                        2-8 business days
  Parcel Select Lightweight & Parcel Select                        2-9 business days
            Periodicals                        3-9 business days
            USPS Marketing Mails                      3-10 business days

Final Thoughts

The USPS standard delivery time is between 9 am to 5 pm from Monday through to Saturday but this has not always been the case as a result of unforeseen circumstances that are beyond their control. The USPS strives to ensure that the mail is delivered before night time but on very rare occasions they deliver until 10 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does USPS deliver at night during weekends?

Yes, but not because it is a weekend but due to the other reasons they delivered late at night during weekdays. On Saturday, delivery often starts by 2 pm and still ends by 5 pm which is the normal closing time but you can expect to receive your mail by 7 pm.

  • When should I contact USPS customer support?

After waiting longer than five days from the mailing date, you should contact the USPS courier service. There might be a probability that your mail is either missing or got lost. You can call USPS customer service or visit the nearest post office to you.

What Time Does USPS Deliver? 

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