What Is The USPS? – Know More

Congratulations on the new dress you received in the package a few days back! Have you given it a thought about what brought the parcel to you? If not then let me tell you, it’s USPS. Now, what is this USPS? 

What Is The USPS?

The USPS is an integral part of the country of the US. If you do not know what it is about, then you must read the entire article. In this post, all of your possible thoughts about USPS will be cleared out. So make sure to don’t skip any part of this article. 

What Is The USPS? 

In simple words, USPS is nothing but just a company that handles the delivery of parcels, packages, letters, etc. The company works all around the United States as well as in other International countries too. There are a few countries that USPS doesn’t deliver yet, but they can manage links to the country’s delivery drivers for further delivery. It is the most preferred delivery service in the country. This is because it is one of the oldest services of processing deliveries in the country and outside the country. 

Who owns the USPS? 

This question is asked very frequently among people. The simplest answer to this question is The Federal Government. The Federal government is responsible for managing all the executive branches of the United States Postal service. The US Postal Service works independently but comes under the US federal government only.  The United States Congress is the organization responsible for the foundation of the US Postal Service. Hence, it comes under that only. 

How does the USPS work?

The delivery of packages, parcels, and letters is managed by the US Postal Service in America. Before proceeding to the delivery right away, the company goes to work to check if the articles that are shipped to USPS are mail-able or not. It means that the company goes through the parcel to check if all the standards and norms are followed or not so that it can be delivered easily. Such as the required weight, size, proper address details, property sealing, etc. After checking if all the required details are available on the parcel or not, the USPS proceeds to deliver all the packages. 

What are the types of mail services available at USPS?

There are multiple mail services available . The details of each mail service are mentioned below:- 

Name of the Mail ServicePrices Starting fromDelivery Time Tracking Included
Media mail$1.91 ( Commercially) $3.19 (through the post office)2 to 8 daysOnly for packages
USPS retail ground$8.502 to 8 daysOnly for packages
First-class Package service$3.37 ( commercially)$4.50 (through the post office)1 to 3 daysYes
First-class mail$0.426 ( Commercially)$0.59 (through the post office) 1 to 5 daysNo 
Priority mail$7.37 (commercially) $8.70 (through the post office)1 to 3 daysYes
Priority Mail Express$23.50 (commercially)$26.96 (through the post office)Next-day or 2-daysYes

Through this information, it is clear which mail service to choose for the next package. If you have to deliver an urgent business mail then you can choose the priority Mail Express or priority mail. Other than that, if your parcel is for a friend or family then you can use the other options. 

How does USPS deliver packages?

The delivery of packages under the US Postal Service has multiple levels. The procedure of delivering packages under the US Postal Service is mentioned below:-

  • All the mails and packages are collected in the local post office. 
  • The packages are placed in the Mail trucks and sent to the distribution center.
  • Priority Express mail gets delivered first according to the address either by truck or air. 
  • After that, all the other mails are processed accordingly. 

How does USPS make money? 

In 2021, the US Postal Service managed to generate total revenue of $77 billion. Is it possible to generate this much money just by delivering packages? Yes, that is what he was PS stands for. the answer to the question where USPS generates the money from,it generates revenue through the money made from the service fees and stamps. 


In conclusion, USPS, also known as the US Postal Service, is the official company that comes under the Federal government of America. The company provides the services of delivering mails, packages, parcels, etc to the desired address of the sender. The company is the most preferred service of senders for delivering parcels nationwide and worldwide as well. The next time a parcel comes to your door, that is what it looks like!


  1. What is the purpose of the USPS?

The purpose of the USPS is just to deliver packages, parcels, mails, and letters to the mentioned address. 

  1. Is USPS funded by taxes? 

No, USPS is not funded by taxes.  

  1. Are USPS employees government employees? 

Yes, USPS employees are government employees. 

What Is The USPS? – Know More

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