Can You Use Target Gift Cards At Starbucks? 

 Target gift cards are tiny, stored-value, and portable cards that can be used for the purchase of a wide range of products such as groceries, and snacks, among others at Target stores and some other stores. Target provides a wide range of loaded gift cards for its customers. It’s okay for customers to ask about using Target gift cards at any other stores apart from Target and how to use them. Most of the common questions asked by customers are if they can use their Target gift cards at Starbucks. 

Can You Use Target Gift Cards At Starbucks? 

Customers can use their Target gift cards at Starbucks since there are many Starbucks inside Target. The only condition here is that you cannot use Target gift cards at any Starbucks store around. To use your Target gift cards at Starbucks, it has to be inside Target. This implies that regular Starbucks won’t accept your Target gift cards if you use them to purchase with them.

 There’s so much to find about using Target cards at Starbucks and tips on how to use them. This article has everything you need to know about using your gift cards for making purchases and payments at Starbucks. Scroll down the paragraphs below for further information.

What to know about using Target gift cards?

Many customers get confused when they take happily take their gifts cards to Starbucks and it is not redeemed but rejected. On the other hand, when they take the Target gift card to the outlet inside Target, it is accepted.

This is simply because Target Starbucks is completely different from Starbucks. Target has the license to use the Starbucks brand name, however, they are not the official brand owner. To make an order from Target Starbucks, you have to go through Target, not the Starbucks app. 

How to use Target gift card?

There are many Starbucks inside Target, hence it is okay to use your Target cards at the Starbucks inside Target. Regular Starbucks that is not within Target won’t accept the use of Target gift card with them, except for those inside Target.

If you have your Target gift card you can walk up to any Starbucks inside Target and use them to make payments after shopping. However, you can only use your Target gift card to make purchases and payments at the Target Starbucks store only. 

Unfortunately, Starbucks does not allow customers to use their gifts cards to purchase on their  Starbucks official app and in their stores also. If you want to order with your target gifts cards at Starbucks’ official app it will be rejected, this is because Starbucks is different from Target Starbucks.

To use your Target gift cards

• Buy the Target gift cards.

You can purchase your target gift cards either from the Target app or at any Target store close to you. If you already have one, follow the next step.

• Check the Target gift card balance.

Checking your gift card balance is to enable you to know the amount of money inside your gift card before using it to make payments. You can check your Target gift card balance online or at the store.

• Walk into a Starbucks store inside Target.

To use your Target gift card at Starbucks, the Starbucks has to be inside Target.

• Make your purchase.

Since you already know your Target gift card balance, it is easier for you to know what you want to buy according to your ability.

• Make payments.

After making your purchase, maybe coffee, for example, hand over your Target gift card to the cashier or sales representative at Starbucks who takes over from there. The cashier deducts your charges from the Target gift cards.

What can you buy with Target gift cards?

Having known that Target gift card can be used at Starbucks, what are the commodities and products that can be bought at Starbucks? 

There is a wide range of commodities and products that can be bought with Target gift cards, which includes; Starbucks coffee, all kinds of beverages, snacks, food, and other Starbucks products. To know more, visit the Target Starbucks closest to you before purchasing Target gift card.

Final Thoughts

Customers who have Target card can use them to make purchases and payments at Starbucks provided the Starbucks outlet is within Target. Official Starbucks stores do not allow customers to use Target cards with them either on their app on in the store. You can only use Targe cards for purchases within the Target Starbucks store.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the range of Target gift cards?

Target gift cards have a range of $5 – $500, depending on the type of Target gift cards you want to purchase. You cannot use gift cards to make payments at Starbucks for goods above $500.

  • Do I have to activate the Target cards before I can use them at Target Starbucks?

Yes, It should be activated before they can be used to make purchases at Starbucks. If it is not activated, it will bounce back the payments.

Can You Use Target Gift Cards At Starbucks? 

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