OZ Design Furniture Warranty – Know More

OZ Design prides itself on a timeless brand that has existed for over 40 years. Originally an Australian brand, OZ Design Furniture is family owned and has its value entrenched in its need to make quality collections. The OZ Design Furniture focuses on making homewares for all Australians, in unique styling and designs. Let us learn about the ‘OZ Design Furniture Warranty’.

OZ Design Furniture Warranty

OZ design furniture warranty

The OZ Design Furniture offers various warranty packages. The brand provides, repairs, returns and refunds depending on the nature of damage or issue encountered by the client. The warranty offered is issued to the manufacturer. It is offered on all fabric and leather sofas and several other ranges of goods. However, these warranties differ based on country and supplier.

Manufacturer Warranties

A customer purchasing items from Oz furniture is backed up by the government of Australia under the Australian Consumer Law. This warranty ensures that items bought are in line with what the manufacturer displays as being provided and also ensures that these products are legal and in line with the Australian Code of conduct.

However, the Manufacturers of OZ design furniture also offer specific warranties on all product pieces purchased. This warranty is country-specific and also influenced by the supplier involved in moving the product from the warehouse to the customer’s location.

The warranty offered by the manufacturer, Oz, covers item replacement and repair in cases of reported broken parts. They also cover damages involved during transportation and set-up for clients. However, they reserve the right to refuse repairs on items damaged due to poor handling, misuse and mismanagement. Defects such as these are not covered in the stated agreement provided by the furniture manufacturers.

Consumers making purchases are also placed at ease knowing that in cases of minor damages and other destruction of the products outside their cause, will be taken care of by the company. However, it is important to note that this warranty period is made available within a stipulated timeframe and once exceeded, the manufacturer is absolved of the right to cater to the replacement of furniture parts.

OZ Design Furniture Production Warranty 

This timeless brand has seen changes and evolution in the furniture-making industry, making it one brand with the right knowledge and experienced staff base. Opened in 1979 in Auburn, New South Wales. Their speciality is timeless, yet modern designed furniture. Focused primarily on the Australian market, OZ design furniture has helped shaped the country’s furniture industry. The brand has successfully filled the gap that was existent in the furniture industry in Australia, paving the way for a rise in the sector. In 2019, OZ Furniture Design was honoured as one of the Top 200 Westpac Business of Tomorrow, a prestigious recognition conferred on businesses shaping different aspects of Australia’s Industry.

OZ Design furniture boasts of having revenue of over $24 million s displayed by the company. They also have over 64 employees within its head operating office. Excellently positioned within the furniture, manufacture and living area category, the company continues to top the rank of best furniture makers in Australia.

Caveats to OZ Design Furniture Warranty

Although the company provides an opportunity to fix damages and bear the cost for repairs in the case of a consumer encountering these challenges. However, some factors and scenarios nullify these warranties. Some of them include;

  • The damage to properties and furniture was caused by mismanagement, dirt and poor cleaning. This can also include things such as; using harmful chemicals as cleaning agents, etc. 
  • Damages due to use other than the initial intended use of the product. 
  • Correction of repairs and restoration done by service agents other than the registered employees of Oz Design Furniture. 
  • Damages due to acid, reaction and other corrosive damages. 
  • Also, activities of natural agents such as rust, wear and tear etc are not covered in the warranty offered by the company. 


Oz furniture remains one of Australia’s leading furniture companies. The furniture makers are applauded both on and offline for the incredible work done in ensuring that products delivered are at optimum conditions and well-crafted designs. Their products include sofas, coffee tables, wall hangers, and other accessories.

Oz Design Furniture offers a warranty that lasts for durations up to 5 or 10 years. Products made of fabric are usually within the 5 to 10 years bracket due to the proposed durability of the product being made. However, items made of leather have a strict cap of five (5) years on the duration of the company warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some other notable furniture manufacturing companies in Australia?


Some notable Australian Furniture makers include;

– DesignByThem


– MakiMaki

– Mark Tuckey

– Ingrain Designs

– Zuster

2. How long does it take to ship an OZ design furniture?


According to the manufacturer’s website, OZ design furniture, delivery can take anywhere between 7 to 21 days. This delivery duration is influenced by several factors such as; location of delivery, country or continent, Size of the furniture ordered, shipping policy, etc.

OZ Design Furniture Warranty – Know More

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