Top 10 Startups In India 2023

Before digging into the top 10 startups, Indian startups have grown in an impressive way when it comes to creativity, innovation & the economy. So, Indian startups are performing quite huge in the world stack & sustainability. Let us know the ‘Top 10 Startups In India 2023’ in this article.

Top 10 Startups In India 2023

India added 20+ surplus to the unicorn club, which continued its booming performance in the market to be at the top. The ecosystem of Indian startups has driven a long path from achieving the first unicorn, InMobi in the year 2011, to reaching the 100s of a unicorn by 2023 of Indian startup. Startup India started, to make the country’s venture growth in IT companies & VC investments. So, according to the growing scale of the Indian startups, check out the Top 10 Startups which will take place in 2023 as Indian startups.

Top 10 Startups In India 2023

Let’s see which are the startup’s performing & growing towards its goal,


A leading quick delivery solution provider, according to customer demands. Zepto is founded by Aadit Palicha & Kaivalya Vohra who is very young & information about this market, Zepto started initially in Mumbai city by offering a 10-minute delivery solution, with a 3,500 list of products. Currently, Zepto is serving over 10+ metro polite cities in overall India. And also has total funding of INR 29 billion, and stands as the quickest hyper-local delivery on-demand solution provider.


Shiprocket has been India’s leading logistics company serving the big giants in the ecom/online shopping industry, The venture was started back in 2017 & has had a massive success rate in a couple of years, Saahil Goel and Gautam Kapoor are the founders of the company. Shiprocket is known as the tech-enabled delivery solution for MSMEs. It owns around 1,50,000 client lines & has a huge amount of shipments happening every individual month. Currently, the company holds a total funding of INR 28 billion.  

Ather Energy

An electrical vehicle manufacturing & service company, which is located in Bangalore. Founded by Tarun Mehta & Swapnil Jain in 2013. To date, Ather Energy has released two electric scooters, the Ather 450 plus & Ather 400X. The startup has total funding of INR 23 billion. Ather Energy is bringing out some exciting electric bikes to the market with better features & compactness. 


Total funding of INR 20 crores has the holdings by Turlemint, which is an online insurance provider space that favors the insurance policy to purchase appropriate & consumer identity. Turlemint was started by Anand Prabhudesai and Dhirendra Mahyavanshi in 2015, whereas currently, the venture holds up to 1.5 million customers & 100,000 insurance information in 5,000 towns & cities in overall India.


Dunzo was started by the founder Kabeer Biswas and the co-founders Ankur Agarwal, Mukund Jha, and Dalvir Suri. A hyper-local demand for delivery service known & offers a quick 30 minutes delivery solution within the allotted cities and towns. It also serves across 8 cities in India and has been trying to expand its business to a wider range, Dunzo has also received a total funding of INR 56 billion. And it continues to give better service daily by enhancing customer service.


Ninjacart is known to be India’s largest fresh supply chain company, which was started back in 2015 by a passionate team of people namely, Thirukumaran Nagarajan, Sharath Loganath, Sanchin Jose, Ashutosh Vikram and Vasudevan Chinnathambi where these people connect with farmers to favor them with the best deals with the retailers & also to provide the retailers the fresh & raw produce which can be delivered to their customers. To date, Ninjacart is funded at the rate of INR 29 billion.

Vivriti Capital 

Vivriti Capital is a financial-based startup that offers various kinds of financial services, advisory services & investment-related services to their customers. The company was started by Vineet Sukumar, in the year 2017 and is located in Tamil Nadu, India. Also, the company is funded with a total of INR 15 billion. 

Clear Tax

Clear Tax was started in the year 2011 by an IITian founder Archit Gupta, The major vision of Clear Tax is to make the filling of Indian taxes in a sample way. The venture has been funded with a worth of INR 14 Billion. As of now, Clear Tax is trying out to spread out its wings with good marketing strategies and developing & giving better service to its customers.

Twin Health 

Twin Health was started by the founder Jahangir Mohammed in 2018 with the positive intent of preventing multiple chronic metabolic diseases. And also Twin Health has been founded with a total funding of INR 20 Crores, which Twin health believes to achieve its vision which is served through the health care center.


Rapido, Founded or started in 2015, is known to be India’s fastest-growing & first bike taxi venture. Rapido offers more than 100 Indian cities which serve the two-wheeler taxi, where it covers over 1 million driving partners (captains) & 10 million customers. Rapido has received a total funding of INR 25 billion. 

Above are the startups which keep the place in the Top 10 startup poll of India in 2023, From the start to the reaching the destination or the end goal of an startup is driven with the belief, motivation and inspiration which favors the startup to take them into higher levels or positions in the market. Do check out in detail information about each startup’s growth from the Indian Startup Growth Blog.

Top 10 Startups In India 2023

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