Does Rooms To Go Accept Afterpay?

Sometimes it turns out your preferred mode of payment doesn’t fit the choice of the person/concern accepting it. But once your stuff is ready for delivery, you’re left with no other choice than to pay. You can’t ask them to unpack everything and carry them back to the warehouse; therefore, knowing beforehand the modes of payment preferred by the merchant is a BIG plus! So, what modes of payment can you opt for if shopping with Rooms-To-Go? And what are those that you can’t? Let us know ‘Does Rooms To Go Accept Afterpay?’.

Does Rooms To Go Accept Afterpay?

The name Rooms To Go doesn’t quite clearly express what they deal with; no, not at the first glance. However, cutting the long story short for the uninitiated – 

Rooms-To-Go is a brand of furniture

They assess and decorate your existing room(s) with furniture built from premium and eco-friendly materials (wood/leather/fabric). 

They build the furniture according to your room(s), demand(s), and requirement(s). They procure the materials from all over the world; thanks to R-T-G’s in-house purchase team. One thing that can be guaranteed about Rooms To Go is they always source the best materials for the job at the best of prices offered in that class, whether it be an Art Deco sofa in Italian leather or a Baroque bed in Brazilian hard wood.

The primary question, however, remains unanswered: If Rooms-To-Go would accept Afterpay for your ordered furniture? Even better –

What other options do you got other than Afterpay?

Rooms-To-Go, with all of its 2,500 sales associates through 10 states, doesn’t accept the Afterpay as a transaction mode in business despite Afterpay’s widespread use not just in the United States but also over most of Europe. Isn’t that strange?

For everybody who thinks and doesn’t think alike, make your investments in furniture easier with several flexible choices – including major credit cards – for a further convenient financing experience. These, however; are subjected to credit approval unlike Afterpay.

  • Official Rooms-To-Go credit card (low monthly payments its specialty!).
  • American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa credit/debit cards.
  • Paypal, Affirm, VISA Checkout, Genesis Credit, Klarna etc.; Apple Pay for Apple users.

The RTG credit card is most definitely, the favorite mode of payment accepted by the Rooms-To-Go furniture outlets. There’s no annual fee associated with it, if you’ve been thinking. It’s a financing option that works for most unless for very exceptional cases. You also get your payment schemes custom-planned for every order – traditional or online – and getting one is easier than you think.


1. What are the advantages of RTG Credit card over other credit cards?

A. You can’t shape your payment structures as flexibly as with other bank-issued credit cards.

The RTG credit card is available to all within the Credit Score range of 650 to 850.

2. How tough is it to get an RTG credit card?

A. It’s not tough at all! Getting an RTG credit card is easier than most other credit cards from the banks. The application process is far less complex than what banking protocols follow and the best part is: You can only use it to purchase only one kind of product and from a single brand, which lessens the chances for impulse spending. Furniture is not an everyday purchase.

To apply, visit the Rooms-To-Go financing options and click on Apply Now. Fill in the application form with general information (Social Security Number, physical/residential address, annual income and the likes. 

The RTG credit card is available to anybody with a credit score of 650 and above, which is a big privilege! Additionally, the flexible payback schemes of RTG also help to rebuild your credit scores unlike other cards. 

3. Is there a cash back or rewards program associated with RTG?

A. No, there is no rewards program attached to the RTG credit card.

4. What are the RTG card’s relevant APRs?

A. A variable purchase APR (up to 29.99%).

5. Is there any intro APR offer associated? 

A. No, it does not offer any intro APR

6. Does the RTG allow balance transfers?

A. No, it doesn’t.

7. Does RTG credit card come with a customer service phone number?

A. (866) 226-5638.

8. Does RTG credit card come with a support contact email?


9. Where do I login from into my Rooms To Go credit card account?

A. The Rooms-To-Go credit card login page is here.

10. Is the Rooms-To-Go Credit Card going to affect my credit scores?

A. RTG is bound to report your account activities to three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and Transunion. This, however; doesn’t affect your credit scores negatively. On the contrary, regular, timely payments showcase efficient handling of financial responsibilities, which might improve your credit score.

Does Rooms To Go Accept Afterpay?

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