Does an AIRBUS A319 Have TVS?

What Is AIRBUS A319? The Airbus A319 is a predecessor of Airbus’s A320 series of short and medium to moderate range, constricted body, commercial aircraft the dual engine aircraft jetliners. The A319 seats 124 to 156 travelers and has an effective altitude of 3,700 nautical miles (6,900 km). The airplane’s actual construction took place in […]

I Tried Pearl Spa, Japantown’s Women Only Korean Spa—Here Are My Thoughts

My coworker was incredulous when she found out that I’d lived in Los Angeles and never set foot a Korean spa. I’ll admit, “they’re so cheap” was a huge selling point for me, but we all like to pamper ourselves with minimal strain on our budgets, right? So you can imagine that I was happier […]

Sweat it Out: Kick-Ass Workout Studios We Love in SF

Go ahead, have your cake and eat it to—as long as you’re willing to sweat it off later in the day or week. Between brunching and boozing habits, San Franciscans also love their athleisure attire—and reasons to bring it forth from whichever closet or drawer space they’ve been stored in. (After all, this is one […]

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