Can a C-130 Carry a Tank?

What is C-130?  The C- 130 Hercules is an American military aircraft. It is designed originally by Lockheed Martin. It was built and designed as a cargo and troop aircraft. Read further to know that can a C-130 carry a tank. It took its first flight in 1954 on the 23rd of August and it is […]

Does an AIRBUS A319 Have TVS?

What Is AIRBUS A319? The Airbus A319 is a predecessor of Airbus’s A320 series of short and medium to moderate range, constricted body, commercial aircraft the dual engine aircraft jetliners. The A319 seats 124 to 156 travelers and has an effective altitude of 3,700 nautical miles (6,900 km). The airplane’s actual construction took place in […]

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