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I Don’t Want To Eat Because Ultimately I Don’t Have The Money

I don’t blame the city—we live in a capitalist society that makes or breaks a person’s will / bank account. So where did I find the middle? I just didn’t eat. Where budget planning goes way way way wrong—I used my excuse of living “in one of the most expensive cities in the world” to […]

Fiction: The Birth Of Presidency—“The Mother for Trump”

How a mother taught her daughter the forms and fiction of this year’s Presidential election. Emma spoke in soft, pastel tones, a cadence she continued to carry into her early-forties. “Don’t you think the lawn looks healthier this year then the last,” she doted, spearing the topsoil with a pronged shaped piece of silver steel. […]

The Next Sexual Revolution: Examining Polyamory In The Bay Area

Since I moved to San Francisco, I’ve been hearing people saying that they are in a polyamorous relationship. Last year, I was dating a guy whose roommate is “poly.” Sam, a 35-year-old nurse living in Concord, has three boyfriends, and her main guy, who just moved in with her is also dating another woman whom […]

An Open Letter to My Ex: How I Am Moving On Now

It’s a terrible feeling knowing we aren’t together anymore. Every weekend was an adventure around the city. Now, it is unbearable to be in the same room or to chat on the phone. From texting you as soon as I woke up to now being blocked on your phone, completely. To being left utterly alone […]

How To Have A Successful Friendsgiving From One Millennial To Another

1. Liven Up Your Spread And what do we mean by this? Normally, a traditional Thanksgiving includes Turkey, stuffing, and cranberries but how about this — do a mixture of cooking and take outfrom your fave local restaurants. While you have your gold crusted turkey, pair it with a platter of sushi and edamame or […]

We Hear You Loud And Clear — Tell Us What’s On Your Mind At Bob Cut Mag

As we continue to pioneer the millennial Bay Area voice, we stop and think constantly, “how else can we do our best?” So we’re asking you, our dedicated reader to fill us in on what we’re missing. And don’t worry, everything is completely anonymous. If you haven’t taken a moment, please read our privacy policy […]

”SF’s A Happy Hour Town” Claims Local Bar Owner

<img src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/58393163bebafb6551265dd9/583932e357bf42f996cea64b/583932f057bf42f996cea9d1/1480145147843/tumblr_inline_ofdsnoCHam1qcg0hm_540.jpg. until 6 p.m., SF has taken nightlife culture to the early afternoon. Bloodhound owner, John Ottman, believes the late night crowd is drying up. “The happy hour crowd is great,“ he told Hoodline, speaking of Bloodhound. "But by midnight, it’s a ghost town. It’s a citywide thing.” And as bar observers ourselves, we’ve […]


It was a windy evening in San Francisco’s Union Square; I was standing in front of the Victoria’s Secret store. Lingerie from the latest runway collection including the VS angels’ wings were on display. “Wow, this one was worn by Kendall Jenner,” said a young woman. Her friends nodded and they both entered the store. […]

One Photographer’s 24-Hour Photo Expose Turns Into A Day Of Self Discovery

On July 5th, 2016, I did the unimaginable. Perhaps even the unthinkable. I. Photographed. Myself. For 24 hours. This project was a culmination of a million ideas, catalyzed by a million more questions that I’d been asking for quite some time. Some of them sounded like this: “Why is time so warped in photos and […]

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