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I Don’t Want To Eat Because Ultimately I Don’t Have The Money

I don’t blame the city—we live in a capitalist society that makes or breaks a person’s will / bank account. So where did I find the middle? I just didn’t eat. Where budget planning goes way way way wrong—I used my excuse of living “in one of the most expensive cities in the world” to […]

10 Examples of Great College Essays
10 Examples of Great College Essays

Getting Laid Off From Your Job Isn’t The End Of Your World, It Isn’t The End At All

Even in uncertain and often, swift, changes—there is an odd hope that emerges. One year ago, this month, I was laid off from a tech job. It’s not a story untold, but as a creative living, thriving, and sustaining oneself in the Bay Area—rent prices speak higher than happiness. Lets dive in. Just shy of […]

November Editor’s Letter: Goodbye, Farewell

Is there a new and interesting way to say goodbye? I’ve been mulling this over for a few weeks now, knowing that I would need to step up to the plate and say it: that resonating, final goodbye. Looking through my past Editor’s Letters to you fine folk, I noticed I’ve written about goodbyes—in some […]

The October Editor’s Letter: Things That Move Me

When I was a  wee twenty-two year old, my first boss once said to me, “nothing in your twenties is permanent. You’ll move apartments once a year, just watch.”  I was a little irritated at her blanket statement, cast so hastily over me. I had just moved to the city when she said this, basking […]

Why Is Our Sex Taboo? A Thought About What We Want

San Francisco. Why are you still so squeamish about sexual taboos? Even if we have days, events, and open fondness about it? To your credit, you’re the only city that allows sexual freedoms such as nudity in certain spaces, women can be topless where men can be topless, you have Folsom Street Fair—where connoisseurs of […]

The October Editor’s Letter—The Burnout

Octobers are one hundred-proof enjoyment. Arguably the fastest-moving month in existence, it deals a picturesque hand in these parts. Enough crunchy leaves descend upon the streets of San Francisco to mimic a season, mixing in with the scent of urine and stale cigarettes and bay water. If you head north to wine country, actual fall […]

The Horror Stories of SF Dental And Why I Feel Behind Orally

I’m in my late twenties, I’m biting the bullet of fear and trying to find dental work in San Francisco. But San Francisco, why you gotta’ make it 10 times harder? I’ll be first to admit, my teeth need work. Bad. Years of childhood destruction mixed with a parent who let me learn things the […]

My Dear San Francisco, I Love You More Than You Would Ever Know

I have always felt a little out of step. Whether it was my awkward adolescence, my days as a high school cheerleader (yes, really), or as a student at Cal Poly, I never quite felt completely accepted by the people around me. Don’t get me wrong, the Gemini in me adapts well to different types […]

The Public Transportation Diet: Eliminating MUNI, BART, And Metro From My Life For A Week

New Years resolutions are all about taking new steps, different directions, and dieting aspects of our lives out. In the spirit of trying new things and getting ourselves out of our comfort zone, I (Anthony, EIC) for one week did a transportation diet. Where I eliminated public transportation in favor for Uber, Lyft, and Zipcar. […]

About Last Night—You’re Never Safe From “Holiday Madness”

Ugh, to be young and a mess during the holidays. The holidays are a time to get rowdy. Don’t believe me? Go to any hometown or city bar and they’ll be there, teeming: throngs of Millennials with a hankering to get bombed while also spewing a perfect balance of self-deprecating anecdotes and boastful bullshit about […]

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