Social Expressions- To Encourage Somebody

“Social” signifies having to do with people living respectively collectively in a circumstance where their dealings with each other influence their normal government assistance. Read more about Social Expressions. It is identified with looking for or partaking in the friendship of others; amicable; agreeable; gregarious. of, identifying with, associated with, or fit to amenable or popular […]

Which is Correct Thaw or Unthaw?

We often get perplexed about which word to use. This occurs a lot when it comes to words that sound or spell the same. Two such words are thaw or unthaw. This article will differentiate between the two and look into the correct usage of these words and whether they are correct words or not. […]

What does a Fien mean?

Introduction:  Vocabulary plays a vital role in lifting your language standard and elevating command over the language. When it comes to the English language, There are many meanings for a single word. Which can mean multiple things simultaneously. And these kinds of comments are called Polysemy. The word fien is also one of the words […]

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