Does Garcia die on Criminal Minds?

Does Garcia die on Criminal Minds?

Penelope Garcia is a character we all know and love from Criminal Minds for her amazing skills as a technical analyst in the BAU. Not to mention, her amazing yet quirky sense of style has left us adoring her more than ever. Later on, she worked as the team’s Media Liaison Officer when Jennifer Jareau was promoted. Does Garcia die on Criminal Minds?

No, Garcia doesn’t die on Criminal Minds. The episode called “Lucky” which is the eighth episode of the third season of Criminal Minds has Penelope Garcia facing a near-death situation. 

About Garcia

The year was 1977 when Penelope Garcia was born in San Francisco, California. 

  • Earlier On

When she was eighteen years old, her parents passed away. Technically, it was her mother and step-father. Information regarding her real father was never brought up on the show. Her mother and stepfather were out looking for her since she hadn’t returned home by her curfew. They died in a car accident which was caused by a drunk driver. Her brother, Carlos was only thirteen at the time. 

  • After her parent’s Demise

After her parents were killed, Penelope dropped out of university. The university she was studying at before their death was the California Institute of Technology. She went “underground” which just meant she hid and kept things low-key. 

However, during this period she kept learning and taught herself computer coding. This was so she could stay busy and keep it together. She dressed in gothic fashion during this time. 

  • Recruited by the BAU

She was talented and skilled at hacking, so much so that she was placed on the FBI’s list. The list contained a handful of names of people who were dangerous hackers. We won’t overlook the fact that they were extremely talented too. She was recruited by the FBI from here.

Before her recruitment, she went by her hacker nickname “The Black Queen”. The name was based on her habitual gothic dressing and make-up. She was a vigilante hacker working alongside Shane Wyeth to hack into businesses and companies that they felt were involved in criminal activities. 

She was arrested by the Behavioral Analysis Unit in 2004 where Hotch offered her a choice. He realized that she was kind and caring from her protests online. She was offered the option to work with the BAU as their Technical Analyst or serve time in prison. She accepted the job.

Penelope Garcia’s Sense of Style

With the BAU’s line of work, most of the team is always dressed in suits or like they’re about to attend a funeral. Garcia, on the other hand, has always worn floral and bright colors. She has colorful glasses and funky jewelry. 

Her hair color changes at times too but it’s usually just streaking. This just goes to show how fun, cheery and delightful she is. Free-spirited would be more accurate. Her fashion sense sends a message. You can be smart, sexy, feminine, and professional all at the same time. You can be amazing at your job and not sacrifice your style or certain colors in the process. 

Lucky (S3E8): Near-Death Experience

The ending of the third season’s eighth episode did have fans worried about whether or not Penelope had died. It all starts with Jason Clark Battle.

  • How Garcia met Battle

There is a café Garcia goes to every morning where she accidentally stumbles upon Battle. He was facing some trouble with his computer. It had glitches and she used her knowledge of computers to help him out. What she didn’t know was that there was something wrong with him. He had been killing people to get fame. He shot and killed victims but made their murders out to be by someone else.

  • Date Night

He recognized her to be someone who was involved in investigating the murders he had committed. So, he asked her out but gave her a fake name. He went by the name of James Colby Baylor. They went out to a restaurant for their date and then walked to Garcia’s home. 

  • The Bullet

They talked about fate and the coincidences that led to their meeting. She believed that everything happens for a reason which shook Battle. He thought she was on to him and started to worry. He ended up shooting her outside her house. The bullet hit her chest and rushed to the hospital.

  • Recovery

After being treated in the hospital, Penelope survives and recovers. She updates her team on the situation but she doesn’t know his real name. Moreover, Battle returns to Garcia’s house as most killers like to “relive” the experience. He comes to find out that she had survived. So, after she was released Battle stalked her. 

  • The Next Attack

Not long after, he breaks into her home to attack her. He killed the officer standing guard whose name was Mike Fleming. Morgan had also been staying at Penelope’s house for her protection. He was able to chase Battle away. 

  • Closure

In the end, Battle is at the BAU office trying to get his files released. Garcia’s substitute was able to recognize him. In short, with the help of JJ and Garcia, they were able to kill Jason Battle. 

The End of Garcia’s Story

After fifteen seasons of Criminal Minds, the show came to an end. The season finale revealed that Garcia was off to seek new challenges. She had always had a kind and big heart. She decided to use her hacking skills to fight against the climate crisis. For this, she joined a private research company called Silicon Valley. 

Her personal life has left us kind of in the lurch. Viewers notice Penelope Garcia and Luke Alvez involved in some casual flirtation. Do they end up together? It’s all open-ended and we may never know. That is unless there’s a reboot or a new season released.


After 15 brilliant seasons, Penelope stood with the BAU. She didn’t die on Criminal Minds. She lived a life helping people whenever she could. She was vulnerable, sweet, and brave. Garcia was one of my favorite characters and that too because she always stuck to her beliefs. Kristen Vangsness did Penelope Garcia justice. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does Derek Morgan marry Garcia?

No, Morgan marries his girlfriend Doctor Savannah Hayes.

  1. Did Morgan and Garcia sleep together?

No, they never did. Garcia and Morgan had a rare friendship dynamic. Their chemistry is undeniable, but the writers said friendship was the entire point.

  1. What is Spencer Reid’s IQ?

He has an IQ of 187. He’s a genius who can read 20,000 words per minute and has an eidetic memory. 

Does Garcia die on Criminal Minds?

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