Month: January 2020

January Editor’s Letter: Charge The Batteries

As you read this, do note that I am currently in Hawaii relaxing beach side, with a Mai Tai in hand, and a very handsome man at my left. Life couldn’t be sweeter. But I don’t inform you of this location based hurrah because I’m #blessed—moreover, it’s my first real vacation in a year and […]

It’s Cowlessly Creamy: Eclipse On Making The Dairy World Plant-Based

California has always held a special place for dairy. For one, it’s the nation’s leading dairy state, providing Californians with a richness and diversity of dairy products that place it among the top dairy regions of the world. California staked its claim to the number one state ranking when it surpassed Wisconsin in total milk […]

Sweat SF: One Editor’s Road To Looking Good And Feeling Even Better

Starting a new class, gym, or membership is quite frankly, daunting. The process of signing up, signing your life away, and other ridiculous terms, classes, and schedules completely turn us off. Enter Studiomix: a gym all it’s own. Sporting a vibrant atmosphere and rotating classes — we welcomed the sweat we signed up for. Think […]

Fresh Feasts and OG Offerings: January’s Best New Bay Area RestaurantsAnd Old-School Options to Check Out

Like I promised earlier, I’m serving you a monthly round-up of the most worthwhile new eatery and watering hole openings in the Bay Area, recommended alongside some tried-and-true mainstays that are not to be forgotten nor overlooked. Here are my January picks of new (and old) dining and drinking destinations, ones where you can sink […]

$2500 & Up: Senny Mau’s “Room For Rent” Tackles SF’s Humorous Rental Scene

If you’ve lived in San Francisco long enough, you’ve probably have been thrown into the age old question of “when will San Francisco’s rental crisis be solved?” Well until that time, all we can do is make the best of a bad situation. Senny Mau, a local photographer, combined the hilarity of people’s recyclables and […]

Record of Succession Defines Past and Present at fused space

Starting 2020 off on a good foot, curator Aimee Friberg will be taking over the curation of January’s programming for fused space. fused space was founded in 2013 by world-renowned designer Yves Béhar as a place to explore the intersection of art and design. The new show, “Record of Succession”, poses the question: What is the impulse […]

An Ode To Obscure Eats: A Take On Unsung Dining in San Francisco

If I have to hear once more how San Francisco is no longer a bastion for diverse, affordable eats, I might need to take on a column about it. (Spoiler alert: That’s exactly what I intend to do.) I’ve been a food and drink writer, editor and judge for nearly fifteen years, professionally — and […]

Insider’s Guide: 24 Hours in The Richmond District

Forget the clouds and good ole’ Karl, the Richmond district has become a secret haven for philanthropy to thrive. Hiding in a thick layer of fog, we’re here to show you the best of the best. Enjoy some of Bob Cut’s favorite spots to eat, shop, and be—while you’re at it, say hi to Karl […]

3 SF Bites That Will Effectively Fight Your Hangover Post NYE

Let’s face it—hangovers make food feel, taste, and settle much better. And for those struggling to find their remedies—we here at Bob Cut want to give you a few simple starters. But hey, if you wanted us to make another guide like this, we’re all ears. But for now, go and find our choices and […]

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