A Sample of Resignation Letter with Reasons

A Sample of Resignation Letter with Reasons

People resign from their place of work for a lot of reasons, whether personal reasons or other issues. Resignation letters are official documents written by an employee and addressed to the employer stating reasons one no longer wants to work with the company. It is written to notify the employer of a period after which the employee will cease working with the company.

A resignation letter should be very brief, straight to the point, and contain the reason for resigning and a notice of days or weeks before finally resigning. In the letter, the employee about to resign may also offer to train a replacement before leaving.

Components of a Resignation Letter

A resignation letter falls under the category of formal letters, and like all formal letters, resignation letters should possess the essential components of a letter. These can be seen below.

  • Writer’s address
  • Date 
  • Recipient’s address  
  • Salutation 
  • Title of the letter 
  • Introduction 
  • Body 
  • Conclusion 
  • Complimentary Close
  • Signature
  • Name of the writer

Samples of resignation letters

The following are samples of resignation letters with reasons for resigning.

Sample One – A retirement resignation letter


Steve Jones,

14 Main Street,



May 30, 2021.


Mr. Nada Dean,

Manager of Human Resource Department,

Blue Ivory Limited,

13 Lakeview Street,

New York.

Dear Mr. Dean,

A Resignation Letter

This is to bring to your notice that I shall be retiring on August 6, 2021.

Working with Blue Ivory Limited for the past ten (10) years has been nothing but a blessing for both my personal development and career growth. I sincerely enjoyed every minute I spent working here, the corporate culture was stimulating, and my gradual transition was rewarded with promotions. These and a lot more have made coming to work not a chore but a lifestyle for me.

My retirement has always been in the plan, and I look forward to enjoying it, but I will truly miss being a part of the family at Blue Ivory Limited. I hope that the relationship I have built with every one of my colleagues continues to grow even as I retire.

It will be a pleasure to assist the company in training a successor for my role, and if there is any way I can be of assistance now or in the future, please feel free to contact me. 

Yours Faithfully,


Steve Jones.

Sample Two – A resignation letter due to family issues


Margaret Derby-Dolan,

154 Rodeo Drive,

Beverly Hills,



August 16, 2021.


Mrs. Bethy Johnson,

Think It Incorporation,

555 Nashville,

Los Angeles.

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

A Resignation Letter

I hereby write to inform you that I will be leaving Think It Incorporation. Having worked in the capacity of Sales Manager for the past five (5) years, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control and pressing family matters requiring my full attention, I will be resigning from the company.  

I have enjoyed many privileges working here, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that my announcement may have caused. I will be available to mentor my replacement for the next two weeks. 

My journey in Think It Incorporation has been steady and very fruitful, and I have met some of the best minds ever. It has been a pleasure working here.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Yours Faithfully,


Margaret Derby-Dolan.

Sample Three – A resignation letter for change of jobs


Judith Ethan-Hunt,

154 Ashland Avenue,



May 6, 2021.


Dr. Dwayne Tyler, PhD

Dean of the College of Applied Health Sciences,

The University of Chicago,



Dear Dr. Tyler,

A Resignation Letter

I am writing to inform you that I will be resigning from my role as Assistant Lecturer from the Department of Microbiology, College of Applied Health Sciences, the University of Chicago, effective from the end of the fall semester, which will be December 10, 2021. 

Working here at the university has exposed me to a lot of researches and my line of expertise. The school helped me build a strong foundation and launch my professional career in the field of Clinical Microbiology, where I have found my true calling. 

I have been privileged to work with and under great minds and future pacesetters in the world of science and technology, and this truly humbles me. I am honored by the opportunities that have come my way during my stay at the university, one of which has paved the way for me as I will be beginning a new phase of my life as a fellow in the Subcommittee on Postgraduate Educational Programs (CPEP) Clinical Fellowship.

I greatly appreciate the support, care, and understanding I have received. I am always open to any assistance required of me by the department and the school as a whole.



Judith Ethan-Hunt.

Sample Four – A resignation letter due to personal and family reasons


Vanessa Parker,

56 Lincoln Drive,

New York.

January 13, 2020 


Mrs. Jane Thompson,

The Managing Director,

The Independent Bank,

657 Washington Drive,


Dear Mrs. Thompson,

A Resignation Letter

The purpose of this letter is to regretfully inform you that I will be leaving The Independent Bank in two weeks. This action is prompted by my desire to build my home since having given birth to my son last October. 

I do appreciate everyone at work as I have grown close to my colleagues. I will greatly miss the corporate culture, which embraces diversity and works towards making everyone involved in the bank’s affairs.

I will ensure a smooth transition by getting a suitable replacement for my role and mentoring that person if given the opportunity. I do apologize for any issues my resignation may cause.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to be in touch and would be available for any assistance if and when needed.

Yours Faithfully,


Vanessa Parker.

In conclusion, when writing a resignation letter, the letter’s tone must be polite so as not to burn bridges. Though challenging and sometimes written with a mix of emotions, your letter is advised to be written professionally.

A Sample of Resignation Letter with Reasons

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