Famous INTP Anime Characters

Famous INTP Anime Characters

Anime characters can be of different personality types based on how they are portrayed and the viewers’ perception. Following the Myers-Briggs personality inventory, one can find out the personality that suits the anime character. 

What is INTP?

There are 16 types of personalities that can be indicated with the help of the Myers Briggs type indicator. In the INTP personality type,

I stands for introversion, 

N stands for Intuition 

T stands for Thinking and

P stands for perception.

Introversion is the attitude of individuals who prefer to be alone to rejuvenate themselves. This does not mean that they do not like social interaction. However, they are more of an in-depth quality conversation of a person than engaging in frequent small talks.

Intuition is the perceptual quality that represents how individuals approach the environment. INTP personalities tend to trust based on how they feel and seek a broader understanding. They consider various possibilities. 

Thinking is the function that directs decision-making in individuals. These types of people use their rationale to judge things rather than getting their feelings involved.

Perception is the choice of action of the individual while doing something. People in the INTP category use their perceptual quality more than the decision-making available quality. This means they tend to be inclined towards Intuition more than Thinking. 

These four personality traits mentioned do not mean that they have only these traits. It simply means these four traits affect the individual behavior more than their counterparts. Thus, every person has all the features, but the percentage differs.

Now, which of our beloved Anime characters possess this INTP type of personality?

  1. Armin Arlert in Attack on Titans: A friend to the lead character in the anime Attack on Titans is Armin Arlert. The essential quality that he displays is how he works according to his Intuition more than anything, like trusting his friend to work for humans by transforming them into a Titan. His quick out-of-the-box Thinking using Erwin in the war of humanity defines the personality further. The introversion in his character is also visible.
  1. L in Death Note: As the detective trying to find the mysterious murderer, L is found to be INTP type. Without being involved in small talk, he jumps straight to the motive of the case in hand while communicating with anyone. This shows his introverted attitude. He uses his rational Thinking and hides his actual name from everyone for as long as he can. This helped him stay alive for long to work on finding Kira. His intuitive style based on his Thinking keeps him ahead of everyone on the case.
  1. Soichiro Yagami in Death Note: Soichiro Yagami is the father of Light Yagami. Throughout the anime, we can see that he works on logic and stands by what is right no matter how hard it is. He is also focused and dedicated to his job and the task at hand. 
  1. Killua Zoldyk in Hunter × Hunter: He can be perceived as arrogant, but it is simply because he lacks social skills. Undoubtedly he is intelligent, as it is an essential trait in INTP personalities. He might not be able to express his feelings but does care and proves through his actions.
  1. Kusuo Saiki in The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo: In the course of hiding his exceptional powers, he became an introverted person. The responsibilities that he holds are visible in his character. He does what he has to do. We can also see that he is an intellectual and does what he thinks is right. 
  1. Shouta Aizawa in My Hero Academia: He is the homeroom teacher in the academy. Shouta is characterized as a reserved person who values intellect. He does not think of it as a need to be a people pleaser and communicate with everyone. The intellectual and wise teacher is an excellent example of an INTP personality type.
  1. Kenma Kozume in Haikyuu: The shy character with a few friends in Haikyuu is Kenma, identified as an INTP type. Since he cannot talk to people quickly, we can see that his introverted attitude is dominant. His intelligence is also evident by how he lives life and spends his money despite being rich. He does what he enjoys and relates to, which shows his intuitive side.
  1. Shikamaru Nara in Naruto: The most mention-worthy trait in him is how Shikamaru is not judgemental and perceives other people as they are. This became the foundation for his friendship. He is associated with being lazy throughout the anime to show that he clarifies what he prefers. The awkwardness while communicating with women is also evident.
  1. Aika Fuwa in Blast of the Tempest: Yet again, Aika Fuwa is also perceived as a cold and unsociable personality like all other INTP characters. But in reality, Aika Fuwa does not like to engage in superficial conversations with everyone. She is also smart and intelligent like other INTP-type characters. 
  1. Kakashi Hatake in Naruto: Kakashi is considered a mature and arrogant character. He can understand the circumstance as to how it is rather than being judgemental. This shows his perception ability. He is also easily bored and lazy and likes to work when he wants to. He also has only a few friends, which reflects his introversion is not conversing with everyone. 
  1. Rin Obama in Kakegurui: Rin is someone who prefers looking into his enemy’s weaknesses in depth. This shows his intelligence and perception. He can observe others understand them better. He uses his strengths to affect people and uses them to his utmost advantage. Thus, he can be said to have an INTP-type personality. 


A lot of our good characters are found to have an INTP personality type. The most significant traits are shy or arrogant attitude, generally fewer friends, and excellent intellect and perception. 

Famous INTP Anime Characters

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