How do I make a Payment on my Maurices Credit Card?

How do I make a Payment on my Maurices Credit Card

As a lot of people know about maurices credit card. But some other people don’t know about it. So let us see what Maurice’s credit card is? Read more about How do I make a Payment on my Maurices Credit Card?

Maurices was opened in about 1931. This store was providing clothing, which was affordable as well as fashionable at the same time. The prices of the dress were reasonable; there were a lot of steady customers at the time.

The store gradually grows upto 1,000 stores and is still growing and being strong. As a result, it is a part of the Ascena Retail Group family. If you are a person who shops from the maurices store a lot, then you should get a credit card. 

By using the credit card, you can get a discount, and you don’t have to worry about paying every time you go shopping. You can get your maurices credit card from the Comenity Bank. Once you get it, you can shop and pay later.

There are a lot of options to shop for. You can get a lot of gift cards from which you can shop whatever you want. They also provide fashionable clothing for girls at affordable rates.

What are the perks of Maurice’s credit card?

Well, having a maurices credit card can have plenty of benefits and perks. You can get your order ship anywhere in the continental United States for almost free of cost. You can also get 10% off on any of the products on your birthday, exclusive offers, and early access to the sales for a year.

And when you join the MyMaurices Rewards, you can earn points whenever you shop anything from the store.

How can I pay online using Maurices Credit card?

You can quickly pay your bills by relaxing on a couch in just a few minutes. But for that, you need to register for online access. The following steps will tell you how you can pay online:

  1. It would be best if you went to the website portal of maurices for online registration.
  2. After that, you need to enter some details such as your credit card number, ZIP code, your social security number, and other information to complete your account registration.
  3. After you have registered successfully, you can log in and make payments easily.
  4. You have to go to the Comenity Bank login page where your Maurices credit card account is.
  5. Then you have to make sure that you have your bank account number and routing number as they will be needed at the time.
  6. You can select the amount you want to pay and schedule the date for the payment. You can choose the amount you wish to pay, and you can select a minimum amount or a balance statement from previous or any amount you want to pay at the time.
  7. You can pay this by using your current bank account balance.

How can you pay money by Mail using Maurices Credit Card?

If you are a person who prefers to spend money by check or cash, then you can try this option of payment.

You have to make sure that you have included the account number and the payment amount in the Mail for payment. And after completing the Mail, you have to send the Mail to the address provided by the Maurices store.

How to pay money by phone using Maurices credit card?

You can pay using Maurices credit card using your phone. It only takes a few minutes to pay first; you need to call customer service. After that, you need to enter your credit card number and follow the customer service’s steps. After that, submit the payment. 

You may sometimes charge a fee of up to $15 as there always requires live customer assistance for making a payment.

How to pay using EasyPay?

By using this option of using EasyPay, you can make a payment in just a few seconds without even logging in. 

  • Firstly you need to visit the Comenity Bank website.
  • After that, you need to search for the EasyPay option; after selecting it, you need to enter your account number, ZIP code, and identification card for verification purposes.
  • After entering the information, you need to scan the QR code for your statement.
  • You need to follow the steps as it says, and you can complete the payment efficiently.

 If you face any difficulties while making any payment, you can always call customer service for help. You can get their number on the web portal, where they can solve your issue.

Here you can always clear your doubt about whether you need to return a product you purchased or any difficulty in sizing patterns. The website helps you get the information about anything you want and helps you with a lot of FAQs and customer service numbers for any issue. 

How do I make a Payment on my Maurices Credit Card?

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