Does Walmart take Apple Pay?

Introduction Payments at most of the departmental stores in America are made through Apple Pay by a large number of its iPhone users. But does America’s most prominent store Walmart accept Apple Pay? Can you make your payments through Apple Pay at any Walmart store? To know the answer, do read the full article Does […]

Door Dash vs Grub Hub: Which Food Delivery Service is Better

Who does not love to eat? Almost everyone loves to eat because good food is a basic necessity of life; you cannot survive without food. Yes, this statement is justified “everyone loves to eat,” but not everyone loves cooking because a lot of time and effort is required for cooking. In this hustle and bustle […]

Burger King Delivery

Burger King, also known as BK, is a famous fast-food American restaurant founded by James McLamore and David Edgerton in 1953. The famous burger chain has currently working 18,625 restaurants worldwide. The restaurant has most of its restaurants franchise-based as very few restaurants are operated by the company itself. The company is owned by Restaurant […]

How do I make a Payment on my Maurices Credit Card?

As a lot of people know about maurices credit card. But some other people don’t know about it. So let us see what Maurice’s credit card is? Read more about How do I make a Payment on my Maurices Credit Card? Maurices was opened in about 1931. This store was providing clothing, which was affordable […]

Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday? Inc. is one of the largest online retailers that focus on e-commerce business, cloud computing, big data technology, digital streaming platform, and artificial intelligence. Amazon introduced its prime segment in 2005, with a membership fee of $79 per year. They offered unlimited two-day delivery for the prime members. Read more Does Amazon Prime Deliver […]

The Weekend Is All About Seeing The Sunnier Side of Life Through Meditation And Digital Nature Walks

The Bay keeps trucking along. Don’t tell us that we’re canceled, we will always find a way to keep the motion in the ocean. In times like these we always turn to nature, creatives and healers. They provide the joy, the calm, the escape–and they always seem to express how we are feeling in ways […]

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