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Hannaford is a chain of supermarkets with stores in New England and New York. Read more about Hannaford To Go.

Hannaford was founded in 1883 in Portland, Maine, United States. It currently operates in over 180  locations with over 26,000 employees.

Hannaford to go is a service that helps customers order their shopping online in a Hannaford supermarket. Hannaford to go do the shopping for you using a skilled shopper. Once your order is ready you can pick up the order at least 4 hours ahead. Your first pickup will be free but after that, you will be charged. You will pay $5 for shopping less than $125 and $3 for shopping over $125.  Additionally, Hannaford To Go has a delivery service if you’re interested. The delivery fee is $10. 

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What you need to know about Hannaford to go?

With Hannaford to go, you can shop for groceries online on the website or using their app.  Select the shopping list and one of the shoppers will help you pick them from the shop and package them and then you can pick your shopping from your local store.

Hannaford To Go will give you access to your favorite product giving you the same quality as shopping in-store. Additionally, when you pick up your shopping, your Hannaford rewards will be added to your account. This means you will not lose your shopping points,  great right!If you’re not able to pick up your shopping the same day you have an option to pick up your shopping the next day.However, you need to confirm the pickup time from your store because it varies from location to location.

If you are wondering whether It will give you exactly what you would shop for, worry no more.  Hannaford To Go aims to give you exactly what you want. They even go a step further and provide a space for special requests or notes so that the shopper can get your order right.

Additionally, you can allow the chauffeur to choose a substitute if the items you ordered are unavailable.  If you change your mind about the substitutes, you have an option to reject them before you make your payment. Hannaford has restrictions for some items. For instance, you can only buy alcohol if you are over 21. You’ll also be expected to show your ID when you pick up your order. 

Additionally,  Hannaford To Go does not allow online pharmacy orders, seasonal special items, greeting cards, and cooked food that is only available after 11 a.m. You can pick them from the store as you collect your order.

For personalized cakes, you are required to give a 24-hour notice before pickup. If you are thinking of ordering items in bulk make sure you call the store at least 48 hours before pickup. This gives the shopper time to check on the item availability.

Expect an email confirmation after you check out. In case you need to cancel or edit your order after checkout, go right ahead.  However, remember that this is only possible before your order is processed. If the order has been processed you can add more merchandise to your cart.

When you get to its store you will be asked for your confirmation receipt. Follow Hannaford To Go signs to pick up your order.  If any of your items are damaged, of bad quality, or missing, request a refund right away. Lastly, It guarantees to double the amount you paid for a brand product. For any additional concerns, feel free to speak to the Hannaford store manager. 

How to order using Hannaford To Go?

  1. Start by signing up for an account at its official website. You now have access to your shopping cart and so much more. Use a computer or smartphone to log in.
  1. You can now start shopping. Select the department categories option and the left side of your device or simply use the search bar.
  2. Proceed to choose the time. Hannaford will give you a deadline for completing your order.
  1. Complete your order by following the instructions given on the cart symbol. You can pay for your shopping when you get to the store. Expect email confirmation once you are done. 
  1. If you choose to pick your groceries for instance at noon,  you have between 12 to 1 p.m. to pick up your groceries.  You can always communicate if you are running late.
  1. When it’s time to pick your groceries, happy in one of the spots reserved for Hannaford to-go customers. Call the number on the sign and soon one of the team members at Hannaford will put the shopping in your car. You can now proceed to make your payment.  However, remember to clip any Hannaford’s coupons that you may have electronically or paper coupons before making the payment. 

How to get discounts on Hannaford To Go?

Hannaford has a Loyalty Program that allows customers to earn points every time they shop. These points can then help you with personalized coupons and deals.

 Additionally,  buying store brand items can help you earn 2% Reward Points. The 2%  reward points apply to all store brand items you can redeem these Reward Points at checkout. Further, you have to activate My Hannaford Reward Points which are awarded quarterly. To receive regular notifications on when to activate the points, choose the email or text option.

 If you haven’t activated your Rewards account yet, you can sign up at the its website.


Hannaford To Go is a convenient way for you to do your shopping.  This service helps you to do your groceries in the comfort of your own home!  You can then schedule your pickup time at your convenience.

Lastly, keep in mind that you have access to its discounts and rewards. The more you shop, the more they increase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Hannaford rewards expire?

Yes, they do. The rewards expire on a quarterly basis. Therefore redeem them before the end of the Quarter.

  1. What is the Hannaford app used for?

When you are at checkout, the app helps you scan the barcode that has access to its rewards and redeem coupons. The rewards help you save money.

  1. Can I make payments with my phone at Hannaford?

Yes, you can. Hannaford accepts  Android pay,  Apple Pay,  and Samsung Pay at all their stores. 

Hannaford To Go

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