How to use affirm at Walmart?

Not all of us can buy things in one payment only. So we try to look for a payment method in which we can pay in installments for expensive products. But do you know that Walmart also provides you with such a payment method? 

You might be shocked but, it is right and Walmart allows customers to use ‘Affirm’ for making such payments.

How to use affirm at Walmart?

This article will tell you how you can use Affirm at Walmart if it is reliable and if you should be using such a method, and other related things.

What is Affirm at Walmart?

Affirm is a financial technology company that allows you to buy now and pay later in installments.

How can you use Affirm at Walmart?

1. Once you have bought your items and you are checking out your products, you will be given the option to use Affirm for making your payment.

2. This payment facility is available both online and offline and, you can easily pay in installments every month.

3. If you are purchasing things online then, you can choose to use Affirm as your payment method. Read carefully about the terms and conditions to make sure that no problem arises later.

4. If you are purchasing directly from the store then, you will have to go to Walmart or, then decide the plan by which you want to make the payment. And lastly, you need to scan the single-use barcode showing on your screen at the register.

5. By following these steps, you can make payments by using Affirm very quickly.

6. Remember- You can only use Affirm at Walmart if your product’s value ranges from $144-$2000 including tax.

Is using Affirm at Walmart reliable and safe?

  • By reading the reviews, we can say that Affirm is not a highly protected instrument for making payments. Moreover, you will have to pay interest on the amount which ranges from 10%-30% for most of the products.
  • Affirm has been changing and growing up with the technology changes. It is trying to create a safer environment and give equal competition to credit cards and other such payment methods.
  • It is not the safest but you can always give it a try and see by yourself.
  • There are some benefits of using Affirm like it does not have any hidden fees, service fees, etc which is good as compared to others.
  • Also, millions of people are using Affirm at Walmart so, it must be good enough to give it a try!

Should you be using Affirm for making payments?

  • It is a preferred way by people who can not make payments at once. It is a great option for anyone who is buying an expensive thing from Walmart.
  • For products ranging from $144-$799.99, you can choose to finance them for 3,6, or 12 months. There are terms and conditions applied.
  • The products costing $800 and up to $2000 can be financed for 12, 18, or 24 months as per your wish. Read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • If you want to experience such benefits then surely give Affirm at Walmart a try.

Can you finance all types of products using Affirm at Walmart?

  • No, you can not finance all types of products at Walmart. There is a specified list which is given by Walmart. The products from the list can be financed at Walmart.
  • We are providing some of the information below.
  • So the eligible products for financing by using Affirm are- Furniture and other things for the home, electronics, jewelry, video games, etc. Some of the ineligible products include alcohol, gasoline, pet supplies, tobacco, etc.
  • For further information about the eligible and ineligible products, visit- “ Monthly Payments –”
    • If you want to buy a product from the ineligible list then you will have to use some other way of payment like credit cards, cash, or whatever method you prefer.


Using Affirm on purchase from Walmart is one of the best options for people finding long-term payment methods. Affirm can be used very simply and with no hassle at all. The major benefit is that there are no extra hidden charges.

You can use Affirm both online and offline by creating your account. Once your loan is sanctioned, you can pay for your products using the money. 

Some faqs about using Affirm at Walmart-

1. Is there a minimum credit score needed to use Affirm at Walmart?

Ans- There is no minimum credit score but 640 is considered good and given a green signal for loans.

2. Does Affirm provide 0% APR at Walmart?

Ans- It is available only on the specific products enlisted by Walmart and for a limited time only.

3. Can you repay the loan amount of Affirm before the due date?

Ans- Yes, this will also save you from giving interest.

4. Can I get approved for using Affirm for buying alcohol at Walmart?

Ans- No, it comes under ineligible products for financing by Affirm.

How to use affirm at Walmart?

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