Does Amazon deliver furniture?, Inc., founded in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos, is an American tech company catering to a global consumer base. Initially started as an online vendor of books and music videos, the company has grown over the years to be a giant in the e-commerce industry along with vested interests in other fields – including cloud computing, digital streaming, and Artificial Intelligence. 

The company is a part of the highly esteemed ‘Big Five’ of the United States, with the other members being Meta (formerly, Facebook), Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Amazon has received many plaudits over the years, and a survey conducted in 2021 by LinkedIn gave Amazon the title of ‘’Best Company to work for’’ in the current market.

Does Amazon deliver furniture?

Amazon is known for its fast and efficient delivery process, and that remains the same even in the case of furniture. They deliver all kinds of furniture including closets, almirahs, beds, tables, etc. right at your doorstep. The delivery usually takes time because more often than not, third-party service providers are used for delivering orders. 

Charges for delivering furniture:

The delivery of furniture is usually free. This is because Amazon provides the facility of free delivery to all its customers who buy in excess of $25. Since a furniture set would usually cost much more, delivery becomes free by default. Amazon Prime members are entitled to free delivery for any orders. Smaller furniture sets may require a shipping fee but the amounts usually won’t exceed $5.

Time taken for delivery:

As Amazon usually provides the delivery service with the help of third-party service providers, the time taken for delivery is a little longer than in the case of other products. Deliveries are usually made within 4-14 days of placing the order. Delivery services provide a tracking ID at the time of placing an order and the customers can track their order with the help of it.

Will Amazon assemble furniture after delivery?

As we know, a number of leading furniture brands today provide furniture in ready-to-assemble form. Amazon did announce some time back that they are working on providing the facility of having the furniture assembled by their experts for those who decide to avail of the option. However, there has been no word as to when the service might be started.


In this article, we have seen that the delivery process at Amazon in the case of furniture sets is quite reliable and fast. Even though Amazon does not provide the delivery service themselves, they use highly trusted third-party delivery service providers like ABF, CEVA, etc. Thus, one can rest assured that they would be entitled to the best service possible by Amazon. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

We took a look at some of the most asked questions on the internet about Amazon and the services they provide. In this section, a few of those questions have been compiled together along with the appropriate answers.

Question. Will Amazon deliver to my location?

A simple way to know about this answer is simply to head over to the Amazon website or login into the mobile application. When you buy a product or are on the product page the app asks you to enter your pin code. The window prompt then clearly says if Amazon delivers to your location, and what is the expected date of delivery for a particular product. However, more often than not, Amazon delivers its products before the expected date.

Question. Should I be worried if there is any delay in delivery?

A delay is very uncommon but may end up happening. There might be many reasons that might cause a delivery like a failure of transportation service, lockdown protocols at a place, or delay in the shipping of a product. Amazon will usually let you know in advance if there is any problem on their end but you can rest assured that the product will reach you in due time.

Question. How is it to be working at Amazon?

The employee earning the least at Amazon makes $15 per hour. The benefits the brand offers to its employees are world-class and all the employees can rest assured that they will be well looked after by their employer. It is a dream for many students and working professionals to be working at a company like Amazon and despite the few complaints received, it is safe to say, Amazon remains a very appealing employability option to many.

Question. Do people have any complaints while working at Amazon?

The office workers at Amazon sometimes do complain about the highly competitive work culture but the more serious complaints are in the other areas. Drivers have often come out and spoke of how they have had to over speed to ensure the deliveries happen in time and warehouse workers have also complained of being overworked to ensure fast delivery and, there have been instances of warehouse workers being gravely injured. Reports have emerged that more often than not, speed is prioritized over safety in the warehouses, which is extremely harmful.

Does Amazon deliver furniture?

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