Does Home Depot deliver plants?

When it comes to replenishing and decorating, Home Depot is a one-stop destination for all your needs. It is the largest improvement retailer in the United States. But does it deliver plants for your home and garden renewing? 

Yes, Home Depot delivers plants to your homes, offices, and gardens. It keeps a variety of plants at the store. You can buy both indoor and outdoor plants for your home or garden. Plants are a major decorative item and good for the environment as well. Therefore, you must try ordering your favorite plants from Home Depot. 

Does Home Depot deliver plants?

Now, to get a beautiful variety of plants, you need to visit nurseries and gardens. You can order your favorite plants from USA’s largest home improvement retail store Home Depot with just one click. And the plants will be home delivered to your home. 

How to order a plant from Home Depot?

To get Home Depot’s plants to your home, you need to access the Home Depot app or website. Here, from the gardening section, you can choose your favorite plants. 

If you want the plants to be delivered home then you have to keep the settings accordingly. In the app choose the option ‘ship to home’. This will filter the list of plants, shrubs, and bushes that could be delivered to your home. To get the correct list of plants, enter the right zip code of your location. The app will filter plants according to availability at the nearest stores. 

Delivery of Plants 

With the home delivery of plants now your dream of a beautiful garden could be succeeded sitting at home. You will get the best services from Home Depot. To get free delivery of plants, order plants worth more than $45. This will make your order eligible for home delivery. If the plant you want to buy is not worth $45, then you can add a few small plants to qualify for free shipment. 

Home Depot is good at its services as well. It delivers plants with utmost care. The time of delivery varies according to the availability of plants. But normally, it takes 2 days to 2 weeks to deliver to your home. 

Varieties of plants at Home Depot 

Home Depot has different varieties and families of plants and trees. Following are the major gardening plants, Home Depot delivers – 

Shrubs and bushes 

Shrubs and bushes enhance the beauty of your garden. There are a variety of shrubs and flower bushes that Home Depot delivers to your home. 


There are a variety of flowering plants at Home Depot. Roses, Lillie, lavender, jasmine, and all seasonal and general flower plants are available at Home Depot. These could be safely home delivered to you. Flowering plants normally require greater care than other categories of plants. 


all varieties of succulents are available at Home Depot. And they also deliver it to your homes. Aloe Vera succulents, cacti succulents are very famous varieties of succulents. There are other succulents also at Home Depot. These plants are also available in various sizes. 


Other than flowering plants, bushes, and succulents, Home Depot also delivers grasses to your home. These grasses come in packs of 500 square feet. Now you need not go anywhere to decorate your garden. All the gardening requirements will come right to your door. 


Home Depot has all the major varieties of trees for your garden. It delivers fruit trees for the kitchen garden. It has evergreen trees for a healthy environment. It also delivers bonsai trees for your home decor. 

Indoor Plants 

Plants are not the only places in the garden. Many plants do not require much sunlight and water. These plants can add beauty to your drawing-room. Home Depot delivers a variety of such indoor plants. 

Indoor plants come in various sizes categorized in small, medium, and large sizes. You can easily get ferns, orchids, palms, and other indoor plants from Home Depot. 


Home Depot is a wonderful place for gardening enthusiasts. Here you will get a wide range of plants both indoor and outdoor. These plants and trees are easily home-delivered. So to recreate your garden, now you need not visit various nurseries and gardens. Home Depot will easily deliver your favorite plants to you within a 2 days to 2 weeks time period. 

  1. Can I get soil for plants from Home Depot? 

Answer: Yes, you can order soil for your plants from Home Depot. There is a wide variety of soil at Home Depot. Other than the soil it also has a range of other gardening products and tools. 

  1. Do the plants by Home Depot are delivered in living condition?

Answer: Yes, home depot can deliver plants, herbs, bushes, and other gardening greenery in good condition. Special care is taken to deliver plants to your homes in best conditions. 

Does Home Depot deliver plants?

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