Does Dollar General Accept Checks?

Dollar General is a famous retail store in the United States of America. Here you can get the best home utility products at discounted prices. But Does Dollar General Accept Checks against your bill or not? 

Does Dollar General Accept Checks?

Dollar General accepts checks against the bills of customers in the USA. So, in the most prominent discount retail store in the USA, you can go without cash or cards. Dollar General accepts your checks only after a background check and verification of your account for the available funds. The verification process is performed instantly as you submit the check. 

Can customers pay via check at Dollar General?

At Dollar General, checks are accepted by customers. One can give either a personal check or a business check. There are many retail stores, discount stores, departmental stores, restaurants, and other ventures that do not accept checks because of the risk involved. In accepting checks there is a risk of checks getting bounced. It would either cause loss to the firm or engage it in various legal procedures to get the money from the customer. Therefore many firms do not accept checks. 

The processing cost of checks is less than that of credit cards for the receiver. Therefore, Dollar General welcomes customers who want to pay their bills by giving them a check. To ensure the safety of their payment is in this case, Dollar General does a proper identification and verification of the check given. 

Conditions to pay via check at Dollar General 

There are risks involved in receiving payments via check. Therefore, the firms that allow check payments took few preventive steps to ensure their payment. These procedures are mandatory to follow by every customer who offers a check. The two major conditions at Dollar General to pay via checks are – 

  • One has to present any government-authorized photo identity card. This is done to verify the customer and their background. 
  • Secondly, verification of customers’ bank accounts is done. This is done to check the availability of a minimum balance in the bank account of the customer to satisfy the payment. This ensures the Dollar General that the check they have received will not bounce. 

Normally at Dollar General, consumers can give a check of any amount. There is no limit on the amount being paid by check. But in certain conditions, it might vary from store to store. Additionally, the Certegy System should ensure the firm that you have enough balance in your bank account. 

Other methods of payment at Dollar General 

Checks are accepted at Dollar General. But other cheeks there are other methods of paying your bills in the store. The major payment methods are – 

Credit Cards and Debit Cards 

Dollar General accepts payments through MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards. Payments via both debit and credit cards are accepted at the store. For home delivery of purchases also, you can pay via your debit and credit cards.


PayPal is the online mobile payment option accepted at Dollar General stores. Other options like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are not accepted at Dollar General. 

Cash payment 

If you don’t want to use the digital paying options then you can also give cash to the cashier at the Dollar General stores. Cash payments are accepted at stores but you will not get cash on delivery (CoD) of your purchases. For online purchasing, you have to make payments via debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

Where else can I pay via check?

There are various discount stores and departmental stores in the USA where check payments are accepted. These stores have different identification and account verification technologies. 

Discount stores like Family Dollar, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree accept payments via checks. Other than these major Wholesale Clubs like Walmart, Costco, Target, Sam’s Club also accepts checks. 


Dollar General is the most widely visited discount retail store in the USA. With other payment options like cash, cards, and PayPal, it also accepts check payments. It is among the few stores where checks are accepted. To pay via check at the Dollar General store, you need to give valid identity proof. The store then performs a verification of your bank account to ensure that the check does not bounce on submitting. 

  1. Can we cash out checks at Dollar General? 

Answer: No, Dollar General does not provide the facility of cashing your check. The cashier of Dollar General is resourced with minimal cash. Therefore the store can’t encash checks of people like many other retailers. 

  1. Does Dollar General retail store accept Apple Pay? 

Answer: Dollar General retail stores do not accept Apple Pay. In these stores, only PayPal is accepted as a method of digital payment. So if you want to go cashless at Dollar General, go with PayPal. 

Does Dollar General Accept Checks?

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