Bunnings Return Policy

Bunnings is a hardware industry that sells different kinds of household things throughout Australia and Newzealand. This industry was established in the year of 1996 by Wesfarmers. Bunnings has over three hundred stores in different locations. It has about 30000 employees working in this industry in different positions. In this article, we will see Bunnings Return Policy.

Bunnings Return Policy

Different Categories of Products available in Bunnings

  1. Tools: Under this category, you can find different tools like power tools, automotive tools, heavy lifting equipment, plumbing tools, safety equipment, Welding & Soldering Iron, tool storage, etc. 
  2. Building and Hardware: The accessories such as concrete and cement, building boards, doors, windows, fastening and fixing, fencing and gates, insulation, ladders, steel and aluminum pipes, timber, roofing, etc can be found in building and hardware categories in Bunnings. 
  3. Garden: In this section, people can find garden clothing and safety gear, garden supplies and maintenance, landscaping supplies, garden equipment, turf, grasses and lawn care, seeds, plants, pesticides, plant pots, water sprinklers, etc. 
  4. Kitchen: Kitchen appliances, cookware, kitchen taps and shower, bakeware, benchtops, tables, etc are available in this section. 
  5. Bathroom: Different bathroom accessories are available in this category. 
  6. Lighting and Electrical: Lighting accessories, air conditioner, fan, heater, etc. products are found in this section of Bunning. 
  7. Moreover, there are different types of paints, flooring accessories, crafts, etc. present in the Bunnings store of Bunnings. 

Bunnings Return Policy

Bunnings provide guarantees with their products. They will return and refund or can exchange the products if it does not meet your requirements in the sense of quantity and quality or both. The return policy of Bunnings is very easy. They believe it is the customer’s right to return or exchange any product if they do not like that. 

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There are different ways by which you can return your product to Bunnings. All products can not be returned or exchanged, there are some points to meet the return policies. 

These are as follows –

  • Custom-made products are not returnable. 
  • Products used for health purposes if opened can not be returnable. 
  • Opened tinted paint.
  • If any products do not match with your ordered products that can be returnable.
  • The products are low in quantity or quality.
  • Products do not meet your requirements or are not useful at all. 

Methods by Which You Can Return Products or Get Refund

Online Methods 

  1. PayPal: Any product can be returned offline or online. If you buy any product by using PayPal you can get the money refunded after returning the products by PayPal’s payment method. 
  2. Zip/Openpay/Other Methods: If you buy products using Zip, open pay, or any other online method you can get the refunded money through that payment method. If you are using my credit card then the money will be refunded to your bank account directly. 
  3. Trade Account: If any customer having a trade account wants to exchange products, they need an original invoice copy along with the original product and he/she has to go to the store. 

Offline Methods

In the case of an office method of returning any product, you have to wait to go to the store if Bunnings. There are gatekeepers or watchmen in Bunning’s stores who will check your products and assist you to go to the proper place. There are two types of offline return methods – one with receipt copy and another without receipt copy. 

  1. With receipt copy of the product: If you have the receipt copy of the product you can return that easily. But there are some criteria to be followed that are –
  • Products should not be used before returning 
  • Products should be wrapped in their original packet 
  • You must carry a valid receipt copy. 
  1. Without any receipt copy: If you do not have any receipt copy of the product, you have to provide your official identity proof to exchange the product. You must follow the criteria as follows in case of having a receipt copy. 

Bunnings is an old popular hardware warehouse, sells products both online and offline. Bunnings not only serve good quality products but also sell products with guarantees. In the case of plants, they give a hundred percent guarantee for twelve months. There is also a Gift Card facility that is redeemable only in the stores of Bunnings in Australia. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I replace that if I receive any faulty products? 

If you receive any faulty product you can report on the email id of onlineenquiries@bunnings.co.nz or can directly contact the customer care service.

  1. Are there any delivery charges for returning any product? 

If you are unable to appear in the store with your product then you have to send the product at your own cost. 

  1. Can anybody buy a Gift Card from Bunnings? 

Yes, one can buy gift cards from Bunnings online.

  1. Can any product bought online be returned offline? 

For returning any product offline you can visit the Buntings store near to you. 

Bunnings Return Policy

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