USPS food shipping

United States Postal Service which is commonly known as USPS is an agency that serves to ship any product. Various food materials can also be shipped through the USPS shipment service. There are some rules and systems for shipping food products. USPS is an international postal service but in the case of food supplements especially for perishable foods, there is no service of shipping internationally. USPS only provides facilities to the nearby area where they can reach within one or two days.

USPS food shipping

Foods that are allowed for shipment by USPS

Both the perishable and non-perishable foods can be gotten through USPS. There are dry fruits, Chips, chocolates, etc. that come under the non-perishable foods. And in the case of perishable food, there are raw fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. USPS does not allow any alcoholic beverages or liquids as they can get destroyed during transportation.

Procedures for shipping foods

Shipping any food from one place to another place is quite a difficult task which requires lots of care and awareness. The process of shipping any food items is as follows –

The first and foremost step is to create an account on the USPS website.

Then you can order or courier your item at your convenience.

In the next step, proper containers are selected for pouring the foods so that they can be kept fresh till the shipment period. Sometimes airtight containers are also used for packing perishable foods.

Next, the right packaging materials are chosen to make the container safe from any injury during shipment.

Perishable foods should be placed in a refrigerator to cool down and then packaged properly.

If you want to send fresh food you can use cooling items at the time of packing such as dry ice.

Then write the name, place, and proper address where you want to send the product.

Finally, hand over the item to the USPS agency for shipment.

How to create an account on the USPS website?

Step – 1: At first you have to go to the USPS site, then you can find there will be choices of languages and usernames. Put your preferred language and a username by which you can identify your account.

Step – 2: Next, you can see there is an option of password and retype the password. You have to put a prominent password and recheck that so that you can log in to your account easily in the future.

Step – 3: Next, you have to give answers to two questions. These questions are saved for further use when you will forget your password.

Step -4: There are two options for choosing your preferable type of account. If anybody wants to get services from the USPS for his/her purposes he/she can select the options of a personal account, otherwise for business purposes, one can choose a business account.

USPS Food Shipping Service


Time taken (Days)



<150 miles


< 900 miles


900-2000 miles


2000 miles

USPS service usually delivers products within 5-6 days. For long distance destinations, USPS advises their customers to mail a little earlier to get that at time. There is a new service standard in USPS by which people can get letters or products fast and accurately.


United States Postal service is a very popular postal service in the United Nations that serves people continuously. After shipping of the products it also sends a confirmation notification to confirm the shipment. The expenditure of the service varies from product to product as per their quantity and quality. And in the case of food product delivery, the cost is a little high as it needs lots of care and proper handling. USPS has created a great extent to the mail service of US countries.


Can I send food at midnight through USPS?

=> One can send food or any other items also at any time. USPS serves twenty-four hours.

What types of containers should be used to send perishable foods?

=> Containers used for shipping foods are different from one another. It depends on the type of food materials.

I want to send my item very fast, what method of mail will be accurate to do that?

=> There are different types of mail services that come under the USPS services. Among which speed mail is the right option for you. By speed mail, you can send your food within one way or half of a day.

Can I track my item through USPS?

=> Yes, one can easily track his/her item by visiting the website of where you can find the option of tracking on the left side of your screen. And if you want to contact the USPS delivery agent then you can get the helping number from the option of the help desk.

USPS food shipping

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