PetSmart coupon policy

PetSmart is an American group of pet shops. It is renowned for pet products like food and accessories. The infamous store has about 1650 outlets in the US and is an infamous choice among pet parents. Coupons are a sure-fire method to save money and are instant hits. Knowing about the coupon policy of any store is of great help for any individual as it enables them to derive the maximum benefit. Here we will see Petsmart coupon policy.

Petsmart coupon policy

 PetSmart Coupons

 PetSmart being an eminent pet care shop is a favorite among many pet parents. There is always something on discount. Some hot selling offers are seasonal, like the Christmas sale. PetSmart coupons might be valid for a particular weekend, month, season, or even a particular holiday. 

PetSmart coupons range from a 10% discount to a whopping 75%. Some weekend, monthly and festive sales are PetSmart Weekend Deals for December 24, 2021, PetSmart Promo Codes – December 2021, and PetSmart 2021 Christmas Sale respectively. 

A highly favored coupon is 20% off free same-day delivery. This coupon provides 20% off on the purchase and also free delivery. Limited deals like 35% off the first auto-ship order 5% on all future auto-ships do not need a promo code and are very appealing. On the other hand coupons like Save, $10 on any Science Diet Dry Food Promo Code require a promo code. 

PetSmart now allows pick-up in-store (BOPIS) or curbside pickup when available. To redeem a discount, enter your code if any, into the text box, and then click “Apply” to avail the discount. PetSmart does not give overage in the form of cash but instead, it gets applied to another product. Signing up for the PetSmart Treats Loyalty Program awards the members with points that they can later redeem for exclusive discounts.

Also, PetSmart can change its policies without giving any prior notification. For any additional issues do contact the customer service helpline at 800-738-1385, ext. 2518 or at

 Coupon acceptance policy

 PetSmart has a very detailed coupon policy. For deriving the maximum benefit out of any coupon ensure that the code is 

  • Clear
  • Scannable and legible
  • Original and not a photocopy

Also, look up the company’s policy regarding the validity of the coupons for certain periods, the number of coupons that can be used per day by a single person, and if it is limited to certain products. 

PetSmart Guidelines

What is accepted?

  • Physical manufacturer coupons or valid self-printed coupons with scannable barcodes that are black and white.
  • Physical or digital coupons having a trademarked logo with a valid number scheme for the customer.
  • Competitor coupons (physical) for identical commodities sold at PetSmart.
  • Coupons from the previous transaction and those at face value.

What is not accepted?

  • Coupons without barcodes, vouchers from an unauthorized auction or trading sites, and digitally manufactured ones.
  • Coupons that are expired or those which don’t have a date.
  • Coupons for unpurchased items.
  • Competitor coupons for identical goods, free items, and live pets.
  • Fraudulent or invalid coupons that are duplicated, blurry, scanned, transferred, or prohibited by law.
  • Redeeming of coupons by an unregistered person. 

Terms Applicable to All Coupons

  • Coupons are valid only once.
  • Unless mentioned otherwise, a single coupon can be used per purchase.
  • Coupons must be presented during the billing process and the products bought must be similar to the description in the coupon.
  • Offers stand depending upon the availability and are not credible with other offers.
  • There will be no refunds for gift cards or money.
  • Sales taxes in countries like Canada apply to the expenses charged before the usage of the coupon.
  • The age of the pet, its health & vaccination details are requirements for all services.

PetSmart Socials

PetSmart is famous for being an excellent provider of services such as grooming, animal daycare, petshotel, dog training, adoption, and veterinary assistance. The company is the owner of a well-rated app named ‘PetSmart’. The app is available for both ios and android devices. 

PetSmart regularly updates snippets of information about the latest happenings in the shop on both its Instagram and Facebook handles. The username on Instagram is @petsmart. Its Facebook handles are @PetSmart, @PetSmart coupons, and @Petsmart Coupon Code $10.00 Off. 

Customers can create an account on and prepare their wishlist. Sharing wishlists will enable the customers to avail gifts on occasions like holidays and birthdays. Users can also subscribe to their email club and receive exclusive newsletters, notices about in-store events, PetSmart coupons, and other exciting offers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is coupon stacking allowed in PetSmart? 

Ans: No, PetSmart does not allow coupon stacking.

  1. What are the different discount policies offered at PetSmart?

 Ans: PetSmart offers a military discount and senior discount.

  1. Is price-matching done in PetSmart? 

 Ans: Yes, price-matching is done in PetSmart.

PetSmart coupon policy

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