USPS Laptop Shipping

The United States Postal Service is an unbiased company of the govt department of the US federal authorities chargeable for offering postal providers withinside the United States, consisting of its insular regions and related states. It is one of the few authorities companies explicitly legal through the US Constitution. The USPS has 516,636 professional personnel and 136,531 non-professionals.

USPS Laptop Shipping

In this article, we will see how to pack the laptop for shipping? How much does it cost to ship the laptops through USPS? How to deliver our pc properly without turning it right into a horror story? We are here to answer all the questions. We will also give you some tips for shipping the laptop.

How to ship the laptop?

USPS delivery provider is widely known for being an alternative for customer delivery needs. It is the most preferred choice for shipping even uncommon items like dry ice. We will see step by step how to ship a laptop via USPS. USPS offers several types of services for shipping a laptop. They are :

Global Express Guaranteed: Global Express Guaranteed is ideal for sending items urgently to a specific location. It guarantees a refund of money. It has a delivery period of 1-2 days. It provides many built-in features. Global Express Guaranteed starts from $67.80 and depends on your destination.

Priority Mail Express: Priority Mail Express is best for transporting a pc because it gives numerous integrated capabilities like monitoring numbers and coverage insurance as much as 100$ at no more cost. It delivers in 3-5 days only. It provides a guarantee for money return for some specific locations. Priority Mail Express starts from 45.95 dollars and depends on your destination.

Priority Mail: Priority Mail is another best option available for shipping a laptop at a lower cost than Priority Mail Express, which has a delivery period of 6-10 days. Priority Mail starts from $28.5 and depends on your destination.

USPS Retail Ground: If you are looking for a cheaper option than the above services, the best option is the Retail Ground service. But it doesn’t provide any built-in features like tracking numbers or insurance coverage. The retail ground starts from $18 and depends on your destination.

Which service is the best option for shipping at a low cost among the above services?

Priority Mail service is the best option for shipping at a cheaper cost other than the two and delivers in some good delivery periods. If you are not that particular about the delivery period and you want to ship the laptop at a cheaper cost, you can select the Retail Ground option. It is good to buy additional insurance coverage for laptops up to $600 at an additional cost of $10.35 while using the USPS shipping service.

How to pack a laptop for shipping?

Choose a box correctly that is somewhat larger than your laptop(not so large) as it allows you to add on some cushioning stuff that prevents the laptop from moving in the box. Correct packing dimensions may reduce shipping costs.

Fill the empty spaces by adding static-free packing peanuts, bubbles to prevent the laptop from moving inside the package. Wrap your laptops in multiple layers so that they will be safe and have protection from the weather.

Consider using any screen guard that prevents scratches to the laptop

Check whether you have added all the accessories to the laptop

Make sure that you have secured your package with high-quality tape on all sides to prevent it from opening

Check whether the items are moving a lot inside the package by shaking them once

Make sure, you have labeled your package correctly so that the people dealing with your package will be aware that the item inside the package contains lithium batteries. They may handle it carefully.

Have some information about shipping restrictions that do not allow damaged or defective lithium batteries that cause explosions on exposure to higher temperatures. Do label the information about the lithium batteries inside the package.

You can be in a peaceful state of mind instead of worrying about the damages to your laptop or losing packages by having shipping insurance.


Laptops are an important part of everyday life for many people. Approx. 276.8 million laptops have shipped in 2021. Laptops are very delicate and fragile, so they should be shipped safely without complications. The cost of shipping a package entirely depends on the following factors: Courier service, average weightage, shipping distance, packaging dimensions, the delivery period.

The US postal services charge a minimum amount with you and serve a good quality service. When shipping the laptop via USPS, the price for shipping a laptop depends on the weightage of the package and the distance at that, we want to deliver the package. Considering the average weight of a laptop is around 5 Ibs. We can calculate the price by using this average weight.

USPS Laptop Shipping

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